Stacy Van Dyke: Dick Van Dyke's eldest daughter discovered singing talent at 14 before becoming actor

Stacy Van Dyke: Dick Van Dyke's eldest daughter discovered singing talent at 14 before becoming actor
While sharing a stage with Dick Van Dyke, Stacy resembled talents just like her father (Paul Morigi/Getty Images, breen_tim/Instagram)

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA: Stacy Van Dyke, the eldest daughter of Dick Van Dyke, got bit by the acting bug at a young age much like her siblings. However, before pursuing acting, she had an established career in music. Stacy now keeps a low profile away from the limelight, unlike her famous father who continues to be seen onscreen even at the age of 97.

The 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' star is not only famous for his legendary work of art on television but also for birthing four talented children Christian, Stacy, Carrie, and Barry Van Dyke. Dick, who married Margie Willett in 1948 and later divorced in 1984, crafted several hit shows featuring his children. Speaking on why he worked with them so often, Dick jokingly admitted that it was a way of taking nepotism to the extreme. His eldest daughter Stacy showed off her innate talent for showmanship and entertainment at a tender age, leaving no doubt that she was her legendary father's spitting image in these areas.


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Stacy was a splitting image of her father

While sharing a stage with Dick, Stacy resembled talents just like her father. Moreover, she discovered her gift of singing when she was only 14. Her passion for artistic expression progressed as she later joined Scottsdale's musical theater. She also starred in her father's 1975 ABC special, 'The Confessions of Dick Van Dyke’ where she sang 'South Rampart Street' with her gather and guest star Michele Lee. By the time, Stacy was 23, she was already known as a songstress, according to Marca. Moreover, in the 1970s, she became a member of the legendary group Barnstormers, solidifying her status in the music industry. 



In 2002, Stacy starred in her father's TV movie 'Diagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity' alongside her older brother, Barry. According to Dick's memoir 'My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business', Stacy soon relocated with her boyfriend turned husband and performed at nightclubs alongside him. They later got divorced in 1983. Not much is known about her marriage but as per People, Stacy got married to Mike Breen in 1979. 

Is Stacy Van Dyke dead?

Little to none is known about Stacy now, despite her family members sharing glimpses of her current whereabouts. Some details of her private life are revealed through the social media profiles of Mike and her brother-in-law, Tim Breen. In a Facebook post, shared in December 2022, an individual speculated that Stacy was now "spending Christmas in heaven" while also using her name in the past tense. Moreover, Breed's response under the comment reads: "Yes, she is." No official confirmation has been made by Stacy's family about her current status. 



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 Stacy Van Dyke discovered her singing talent at 14