Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls who shamed her as a 'child abuser' for sharing a bath with her sons

Stacey often shares pictures of kissing her young sons and sometimes even shares a bath with them. She and her sons have no problem, people do.

                            Stacey Solomon hits back at trolls who shamed her as a 'child abuser' for sharing a bath with her sons
Stacey Solomon (Source:Getty Images)

TV presenter Stacey Solomon has often shared adorable pictures of her children on social media but time and again she has been trolled for sharing such pictures. However, the TV presenter has finally broken her silence on what she really thinks about the negative comments that are passed on the Internet. Writing a column for The Sun, Stacey added that she does not feel there is anything wrong when she decides to share affection for her children by kissing them on their lips and as for those who do see it as a problem she thinks they all should "get a grip". "There is nothing that infuriates me more than people making you feel like something completely natural and beautiful is wrong," she wrote. 

"Anyone who thinks it is wrong because they seem to think kisses on the lips are somehow a display of sexual behavior, has a serious problem," she added. That is entirely their issue." Stacey wanted to ensure that people know there is nothing wrong with a son and mother sharing a kiss. "There is NOTHING sexual or remotely disgusting with kissing your baby, who likely entered the world through your vagina and possibly fed from your breast might I add," she said.

Adding, "Surely if you’re repulsed by kissing on the lips those facts may be tough to swallow too." The TV personality also brought attention to how she is not the only one who has been trolled on the internet with negative remarks for pictures of her kissing her sons. Taking the example of singer Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel, Stacey reflected how the same has been experienced by these people. 

She also recalled a particular photo which was the reason for "all hell broke loose". The picture saw Stacey sitting in the bathtub with her children and enjoying the bath time. People couldn’t bear the thought of me being my naked self in front of my naked children," she wrote. "‘Wrong’, ‘disgusting’, and ‘child abuse’ were just a few of the words used to describe something that I thought was completely normal."

While there was a moment where she questioned her actions, she decided it wasn't the right thing to do so. "I’ve never ever felt uncomfortable about being naked in front of my children and visa versa how could I let people I don’t even know change my whole outlook on my reality?" she wrote. "If someone else sees the naked body always in a sexual light that’s their issue, right?’"

She reflected on why it is the best part of her morning. "I’ve spent most of my life as a single parent, where the majority of mornings were spent bathing or showering with my children because that way I could see them and make sure they were ok whilst I got ready," she said. There was never an option for a shower alone. That soon became our favorite part of the day as the boys got older. Bath time was a time when we were all together sharing stories of the day and singing songs and being silly. It was a huge part of our bonding." While Stacey knows that one day it will come to an end, she believes even though it will be a "sad day" she is going to cherish the moments she has now and not think about what the haters have to say.