'I hope he does my eulogy': Rex Chapman trolled for KILLING Pete Gillen

Former NBA player triggers meme chain on Twitter as he pays his respects on air to the CBS analyst who is very much alive

                            'I hope he does my eulogy': Rex Chapman trolled for KILLING Pete Gillen
Rex Chapman on Saturday’s pregame show (Photo Credits: Screenshot/CBS Sports Network)

Sports analyst Rex Chapman did an oopsie on live television when he paid his respects to Pete Gillen, while the head coach at the NCAA tournament pregame show is very much alive. Caught up in the March madness, the former NBA player very convincingly said: “Rest in peace Pete Gillen” while referencing a moment in basketball history 25 years ago during Saturday’s pregame show.
In the video, Chapman’s fellow commentators on the panel also tried a quick cover-up when the very swiftly changed moved on from the subject with one of them saying “there ya go”. Basketball fans were also quick to call out Chapman’s goof on Twitter. Among the herd was sports anchor Yianni Kourakis, who tweeted, “Oh no Rex [Chapman] thinks Pete Gillen is dead.”


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What made the whole situation even funnier was the fact that while Chapman was claiming Pete Gillen was dead on his guest appearance on CBS, Pete, who actually works for CBS was also on air at the time. Fortunately, the 1997 head coach got a good laugh out of the awkward mishap.
After Chapman’s comment, Pete Gillen’s co-analyst on CBS Sports Network referred to him as “the incredibly vibrant Pete Gillen” as all other commentators crack up. Lighting up the mood Rex also took to Twitter and wrote “It’s a great day! Pete’s alive', in response to the clip.



Chapman later also clarified that at the moment he was thinking of late Skip Prosser, the former Xavier coach, and his brain somehow made the connection with Pete Gillen given that CBS anchor also coached at Xavier. Amid the jokes on the former NBA player on Twitter, the response of several college basketball fans was brutal. Following the mistake, one critic wrote “If you ever find yourself talking on television, try to keep track of who’s dead and who’s alive,”.
While another questioned Chapman’s competency saying, “Rex Chapman doesn’t know the players’ names and thinks Pete Gillen is dead. What a great hire.”. Another Twitter user joked and tweeted “I hope Rex Chapman does my eulogy so I can still be alive to hear it.”

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