Spirit Award unveil their dark and haunting sophomore album 'Muted Crowd': Stream

The Seattle psych rockers return with 'Muted Crowd', an album that deals with many dark themes including cults, hopelessness, gun violence and the paranormal.

                            Spirit Award unveil their dark and haunting sophomore album 'Muted Crowd': Stream

Seattle-based psychedelic rock trio Spirit Award are back with their second studio album 'Muted Crowd'.

Wasting no time after their debut LP 'Neverending', the new album arrives at express speed, just a year after the previous release. Unlike their debut LP, which, as the name suggests, was recorded across a harrowing two years in multiple studios as the band members faced a few rough patches in their personal lives, 'Muted Crowd' has a sense of urgency to it.

"I think 'Neverending' did take a lot of time for us to get through it, mostly because we had a lot of life-problems come up," frontman Daniel Lyon told Meaww. "Working through all that was hard. That record for me was pretty cathartic because I was going through a divorce. Part of that record was just me coming to terms with that, and it was kind of a therapeutic record, I guess."

"With the new record... We basically hunkered down and finished writing some of the songs we'd already been working on for a little while. We all kind of collectively ran back and forth between twenty or so songs until we narrowed it down to something that felt cohesive and kind of had a vibe to it."

Showcasing more of the Seattle trio's signature fuzzy, dreamy and carefully layered sound, 'Muted Crowd' deals with some pretty dark themes. The lead single 'Supreme Truth' (which is accompanied by an unsettling music video that you can see below) draws inspiration from the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo, which was responsible for the notorious Tokyo subway sarin gas attacks in 1995. While the album opener 'Witching Hour' comes from Lyon's paranormal experiences in an old house in Seattle, the final track 'Second Shot' talks about the issue of gun violence.

The title of the album comes from the hopelessness of not having a voice in these testing times. "We kind of pulled the name from the last song on the record ('Second Shot'). The line is 'the crowd doesn't mute.' It just kind of stuck with us," Lyon explains. "I think there are a lot of us that feel right now like we still have a voice individually and there are so many things about the world we wish we could change. But it's really sad that we can't and that we get angry about certain things. We don't feel like there's anything we can do."

Detailing the sound of the new album, Daniel said: "It's a little more poppy. There's a little more electronic elements on it, a little more synth. I would say it's kind of a blend between some of the more psychedelic-rock stuff and some dancey stuff."

Apple Music users can stream the full album below. Spotify subscribers can listen to it here.

Spirit Award celebrated the release of 'Muted Crowd' with a show in Seattle on Thursday. The group will hit the road in support of the album for a three-week tour that wraps with a returning gig at the Offbeat Music Fest in Reno. More dates are lined up, as Billboard points out, including a stop at South By Southwest and an April trip to Europe.