Amanda Renee Henry: Spirit Airlines flyer booked for 'lewd advances' could get 20 years

Amanda Renee Henry: Spirit Airlines flyer booked for 'lewd advances' could get 20 years
Amanda Renee Henry faces federal charges (Sheriff's Department)

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: A woman has been pressed with federal charges after she allegedly attacked two male passengers while drunk, onboard a Spirit Airlines flight. The charges were brought against Amanda Renee Henry after she surrendered to FBI agents in Nashville on Tuesday, December 28, after an incident on the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Nashville in November.

A criminal complaint filed against her stated that the 43-year-old suspect while being allegedly intoxicated “acted flirtatious” and “made lewd sexual advances” toward two fellow flyers. Due to her unruly behavior, passengers “seated next to Henry requested to be moved to other seats due to Henry’s disruptive behavior.” But since the woman’s seat was next to an emergency exit, flight staffers decided to shift her.



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The complaint noted that “when [flight attendants] they requested that Henry move, she refused and grabbed her carry-on bag and ran toward the front of the aircraft screaming, ‘I’m getting off this plane.’ Another flight attendant blocked Henry from getting to the main cabin door and began to restrain her, at which time Henry began to kick and hit the flight attendant. Henry also assaulted the other flight attendant who assisted in trying to restrain her.”

However, eventually a passenger, also an off-duty firefighter, was able to tie Henry’s feet with zip ties and as the plane landed at Nashville International Airport, she was taken into custody by the Nashville Airport Department of Public Safety. At the time, she was charged with public intoxication. She was kept in jail for a night and released the next day. The case was also dismissed. But a further probe later revealed more allegations against Henry. As a result, she was charged with interfering with flight crew members and attendants and could face up to 20 years behind bars along with a $250,000 fine if found guilty of the federal offenses.

The official paper mentioned that “Henry's actions while seated in the exit row required Flight Attendants 1 and 2 to forego their other duties to relocate Henry and other passengers for aircraft safety. Flight Attendants 1 and 2 were also forced to neglect their normal duties as they restrained Henry as she ran through the aircraft, was returned to her new seat, and withstood her physical assaults while they tried to secure her in her new seat.”

US Attorney Wildasin said: “In accordance with the Attorney General’s directive, the prosecution of those who endanger the safety of airline passengers, flight crews, and flight attendants is a priority of this office. Those whose behavior disrupts or otherwise endangers the safety of persons on aircrafts should expect to face federal charges.”

Spirit Airlines spokesperson Nicole Aguiar said that they have prohibited Henry from their flights. “We do not tolerate aggressive behavior of any kind, and this passenger is no longer welcome on any of our flights. Thank you to our guests who assisted our crew and local law enforcement for their assistance. We will work with the relevant authorities to ensure this individual is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Aguiar added.


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