Marvel wants 'Games of Thrones' director Michelle MacLaren to helm a 'Spider-Woman' movie

Marvel is also eyeing 'Tomb Raider' star Alicia Vikander for the titular role

                            Marvel wants 'Games of Thrones' director Michelle MacLaren to helm a 'Spider-Woman' movie
Michelle MacLaren (IMDb)

It's about time the live-action Spider-verse was expanded with some actual spider-people, and who better to get things started than Jessica Drew — the Spider-Woman? It appears that her time has finally come and Marvel Studios reportedly has a director in mind. 

There have been many people to bear the Spider-Woman mantle over the decades, but Jessica Drew was the first and most iconic. It is far past time for her to make her MCU debut, and with a director now in mind, it would appear that Marvel Studios is preparing to go ahead.

According to, Marvel is continuing its push to have more female directors as it eyes Michelle MacLaren to direct the film.

Michelle MacLaren has not yet directed a feature film but has a prolific career directing TV show episodes such as 'Game of Thrones', 'Better Call Saul', and 'Breaking Bad', the last of which won her two Primetime Emmys. Alicia Vikander, best known for playing Lara Croft in 2018's 'Tomb Raider,' is currently being considered for the titular role. 

Jessica Drew has had a rich history as a comic-book character and also one of the comics' most bizarre careers, which is saying something. She's been an Avenger, mother, Skrull-queen, Hydra agent and best friend to Captain Marvel. With her dry wit and constant resourcefulness, she is one of the most competent Marvel superheroes and will be a fantastic addition to the MCU. 

She's currently to be found in the pages of 'Avengers: Strikeforce,' but fans who want to catch up to her adventures without reading the comics can enjoy full episodes of her lesser-known animated series on Disney+.

Marvel itself is yet to announce anything regarding the movie, but Sony has been taking full advantage of the Spider-Man-related characters covered by their license, with a 'Venom' movie and now a 'Morbius' film. 'Spider-Woman' would be the first new superhero character in the Sony/Marvel movies, giving Sony a much stronger foothold in the world of superhero films.

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