'Space Force': Steve Carell's Netflix comedy leaves viewers disappointed with 'remarkably unfunny' plot

'Space Force': Steve Carell's Netflix comedy leaves viewers disappointed with 'remarkably unfunny' plot

Spoilers for 'Space Force' Season 1 

Netflix's latest workplace comedy 'Space Force' released earlier today with immediate critical reviews from its audience. One episode in the Steve Carell-starrer and criticism came pouring in. "Well this is remarkably unfunny," tweeted a viewer. Someone else even called it "so cringe".

'Space Force' follows Carell as decorated pilot four-star general Mark R Naird, who dreams of running the Air Force. But he is made in charge of the sixth brand of the US Armed Forces: Space Force. He must now ensure that there are "American boots on the Moon by 2024". What follows is a work comedy starring biggies like John Malkovich as Dr Adrian Mallory, Lisa Kudrow as Mark's wife Maggie Naird and Netflix favourite Ben Schwartz as F Tony Scarapiducci aka F**k Tony. 

But this Carell and Greg Daniels reunion is hardly impressive, say fans. "Watching the first episode of Space Force, 12 minutes in and it's a little weak," tweeted one. "It's nothing but a mockery," said another. 'Space Force' is sure slow to pick up, but even so, it is hardly funny. While it packs a fair bit of intrigue, fans of Daniels and Carell, who return together after 'The Office', had set their expectations high — only to be disappointed by the series. 

"@netflix stayed up all night waiting for #SPACEFORCE to drop. Was greatly looking forward to it, and especially Steve’s character and skill. So far I haven’t laughed once. Episode two was so awful I skipped most of it. A computer generated chimp?? Seriously? Really disappointed," tweeted a fan. "What a trash is turning out #SPACEFORCE no gag works, there is no specific tone and I am not clear what it is about. I hope it improves after the first episode but at the moment it is an absolute failure," another said. 

Perhaps to cover these flaws up, the series might have used high production value. "Space Force isn't very funny but at least it looks nice," tweeted a viewer. "The higher the budget for your streaming comedy, the worse it is. This is a Space Force/Avenue 5 tweet," said another. Along with Daniels and Carell, the series boasted of an enticing star cast.

"Space force on netflix aka michael scott from the office, phoebe buffay from friends, sue sylvester from glee, and jean ralphio from parks and rec HOW CAN I NOT HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS," as a fan says. But apart from a few characters like F**k Tony, it is packed with redundant ones, like Erin. Season 1 of 'Space Force' is currently streaming on Netflix.

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