'Southern Survival': Release date, trailer, plot and all you need to know about this thrilling Netflix show

'Southern Survival' airs on Netflix on July 3, Friday

                            'Southern Survival': Release date, trailer, plot and all you need to know about this thrilling Netflix show
'Southern Survival' (Netflix)

When a show comes with a 'Don't try this at home' disclaimer, you know it's going to be fun, thrilling, exciting, and dangerous. And that's why there are experts who are going to take over the show with proper safety measures. 'Southern Survival' is easily going to be a Netflix watcher's delight. Easy and pure entertainment to fade away the quarantine blues.

Release Date

'Southern Survival' airs on Netflix on July 3, Friday. 


Each episode, the Battlbox (an outdoor and sporting goods company) crew will test outdoor and survival gear to determine if the product is useful, durable, and good-to-go. The cool factor, however, lies in the team employing extreme methods to complete the process. Expect lots of explosions and destruction.


The cast of 'Southern Survival' (Netflix)


The names of the ones part of the Battlbox crew are yet to be disclosed.





The clips waste no time in establishing that it's going to be one gripping and on-the-edge experience. The docuseries will put the testers through life-threatening situations for them to be able to test the survival gear better, which makes it all the more thrilling. 

Meanwhile, fans are excited and geared up for the show.

"Good to see Netflix doing stuff you'd normally see in History or Discovery. Except this looks a tad more interesting," a user commented, while another shared: "Jackass meets dukes of hazard meets cool product placement? haha cant wait." "So like Myth Busters but like hardcore," a user commented. "Seems dumb and unnecessary; I’m in," another wrote.

Interestingly, there are also some negative comments about the all-white cast. Viewers seem to be miffed that there isn't any black individual to be seen in the trailer instead. Also, some have felt that it's a mish-mash of 'Mythbusters,' and the many Bear Grylls shows. 


The streaming site is yet to announce show-related information. 

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