Did Cameran Eubanks quit 'Southern Charm' to become a full-time mother?

Responding to a fan on one of her Instagram posts, Cameran confirmed that she won't be returning to 'Southern Charm'

                            Did Cameran Eubanks quit 'Southern Charm' to become a full-time mother?
Cameran Eubanks (Getty Images)

Cameran Eubanks just took the charm out of 'Southern Charm' by announcing she won't be returning with Season 7 of the Bravo-backed show.

The reality TV star shared a photo on Instagram with a cast-member, Patricia Altschul, with the caption: "Remember going out to eat with friends?! Can’t wait until we can do it again.”

Her post prompted a flurry of responses, one of which read: "Missing the show! When are you returning?" Responding to the question, Cameran confirmed she won't be returning to show, leaving her fans in distress. Here's the picture.

In other news, filming for Season 7 was underway until it was brought to a halt following a worldwide lockdown that was put in place to fight the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.   

Being a reality TV star is not easy because one's being constantly filmed and therefore, most of your life is out there for people to view and judge. But Cameran has managed to keep her private life, private, and being able to draw a line between reality and what's real has kept her intact with her goals in life. 

But, that has caused a stir among fans as they continue to speculate why Cameran made such a drastic decision, especially since it was just November 2019, when she had gladly shared that Season 7 will see more of her husband, Dr Jason Wimberly, and daughter, Palmer Corrine. 

Is she ready to dedicate all of her time to her baby? Last year, in an interview with People, Cameran had shared how she can't have both. "For me, it’s having to learn to sacrifice a lot of my independence and what I want to do. Ideally, I’d like to work and make money all day and then be with my child, but you can’t. You literally can’t have both.” She had also ruled out the option of hiring a live-in-nanny who would stay around the house and help with Palmer's day-to-day activities.

“I have gone back to work. I’m working probably 30 percent of what I was … as a mother, you have to shatter the myth that you can have it all. You really can’t,” Cameran had added. 

So, did she give up on her reality TV career to become a full-time mother? We'll have to wait for Cameran to answer that and dish on what she's doing next. Since most production units have temporarily shut down, it'll be a while before she announces her next project. 

Meanwhile, she is focused on getting the South Carolina gov Henry McMaster to not reopen beaches, gyms, and dine-in restaurants because it will only aggravate the coronavirus situation in the state. She has a vested interest in calling out the state official because Jason is a physician and has had to be on the frontline to tackle the pandemic.

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