'Southern Charm': Thomas reignites custody battle as Kathryn is caught doing cocaine while looking after children

'Southern Charm': Thomas reignites custody battle as Kathryn is caught doing cocaine while looking after children
Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis (Bravo)

It was just last year at BravoCon when 'Southern Charm' star Kathryn Dennis shared that she and former partner Thomas Ravenel were ready to move on from their contentious custody battle that has lasted nearly four years but from the looks of it, it might just continue its run. In 2019, she had confirmed that the innumerable fights and court proceedings with regard to the custody of their children, Kensie and Saint, were behind them and they've finally moved on. But, the former couple is at odds again. 

According to a report published by All About Tea, Thomas' legal team now seeks full custody of their children. The sudden news came last week after Thomas and his team caught wind of how Kathryn had been doing drugs while the children were in her care. The publication was able to obtain a copy of the court documents that outline the proposed changes in the custody arrangement. 

Thomas' legal team wrote they have a witness who saw Kathryn do cocaine while having custody of the children. Another witness observed that she had left some of the said substance in an open dresser, which was within the reach of the children. Additionally, Saint was found outside the home on his own and once ran into a busy street. It was also found that Kensie was given access to a cell phone, which had pictures and videos of Kathryn "performing sexual acts".

"We are not sure how much of this material Kensie accessed before Mr Ravenel was able to intervene and take the phone," the document further read.

How will Kathryn react to this new development in the neverending custody battle? Only time will tell. For now, let's take a look at the timeline of the custody battle and how it shaped over the years. 

Shortly after Kathryn and Thomas quit, she lost the custody of her children amid a struggle with substance abuse. This was in 2016. However, she was able to pick herself up by enrolling in a rehabilitation program. Her sobriety journey was documented by the showrunners of 'Southern Charm'. 

In July 2018, after the couple was encouraged to co-parent, they were given 50-50 custody of the children. But that narrative changed considerably when Thomas was arrested following an assault and battery in the second degree. This was in light of the sexual assault allegations brought against him by his children's former nanny Dawn Ledwell. Kathryn demanded changes in the custody arrangement. She now wanted sole or primary custody of their children with reasonable visitation rights to Thomas. 

In August 2019, the court ordered that the couple will have to share custody of their children. 

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