'Southern Charm': Are Thomas and Kathryn back together? Things get complicated after she moves in with him

'Southern Charm': Are Thomas and Kathryn back together? Things get complicated after she moves in with him
Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn Dennis (Bravo)

It's been over four years since Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis called it quits. But they continue to be tied to each other via the two children they share — Kensie and Saint. The former couple went through a contentious custody battle until November 2019 when she was finally happy and ready to move on because the court had ordered shared custody of the children. 

'Southern Charm' Season 7 begins with Kathryn putting up a relaxed front about how she can now finally live in peace because the children get equal time with her and Thomas. She has been living in his house with their children while her townhouse gets renovated. Even though Kathryn admits that she and Thomas are not back together, he seems to be dropping sly hints about wanting to get back together.

Kensie suddenly runs around excitedly as Thomas prepares PB&J sandwiches, which leaves Kathryn confused but he assures her: "She likes it when the two of us are like together." Later, as the children leave the room, Thomas asks Kensie if they were sending mixed signals by staying together but also acknowledges that it is nice to have her around. Kathryn is quick to inform him that she would be moving out soon and says that she has been telling the children that they'll be going to the townhouse as soon as it's done.

"But I have to admit, I have gotten comfortable staying here," Kathryn said and added that she has been dragging her feet on the topic of moving into the townhouse because it was the last place she was with her mother, who died after a long battle with breast cancer. 

Clearly, things are getting complicated each day as they make the co-parenting journey. How will they sort it out and achieve clarity on where they are at as two individuals who were romantically involved once? Only time will tell. Let's hope staying together doesn't come in the way of their peaceful parenting. 

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