'Southern Charm': Madison LeCroy says 'thanks for coming' after breakup with Austen Kroll, fans call it 'savage'

'I want to redo a breakup and use Madison’s line 'thank you for coming',' a user posted

                            'Southern Charm': Madison LeCroy says 'thanks for coming' after breakup with Austen Kroll, fans call it 'savage'
Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy (Bravo)

Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll have broken up, and the reason for their split could be the pandemic and how he handled it. They have not been on the same page for long and their relationship is an on-again-off-again one. Let's just say, what went down in this week's episode of 'Southern Charm' was a long time coming. 

The couple has been having issues, among which infidelity tops the list. They have both accused each other of cheating but then have been able to work through every problem. But the pandemic cost them everything they had. Not that Madison wasn't already neck-deep in angst towards Austen for being irresponsible but him testing postive for Covid-19 served as the final nail on the coffin. 

She was upset and "mean" to him for running around the town with his boys, partying and drinking up knowing that he was also spending time with her and her son, Hudson. She gave him an earful for contracting the infection and he quarantined himself for 2 weeks. Once his tests came negative, Austen asked if he could come by and have a drink with Madison and that was when she dropped the bomb on him. Madison said she cannot do it anymore and how she had worked hard on making them work but "thank you for coming." 

Austen pleaded for another shot but Madison's mind was made up. She has even been giving interviews about how the lockdown and Austen's behavior during the time they were stuck at home made it unbearable for her to stay in the relationship. 

Meanwhile, fans are in awe of Madison and how she gave an interesting breakup speech. "Madison breaking up with Austen:’I tried so hard for this to work out. With that been said, thank you for coming’ #SouthernCharm," a fan tweeted, while another shared: “Thank you for coming.” #SouthernCharm DAMN Madison, savage." "I want to Redo a break up and use Madison’s line “ thank you for coming “ #SouthernCharm," a user tweeted. "Wow. Guess when chicks are as gorgeous as she is & knows it, she can just slam it down. But that was savage," a viewer expressed.









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