'South Park: 2020 Problems': Who started Covid-19? Pandemic special traces virus to Randy and Mickey Mouse

Fans are shocked and delighted as 'South Park' reveals who is ultimately responsible for the coronavirus pandemic in the most bizarre way possible

                            'South Park: 2020 Problems': Who started Covid-19? Pandemic special traces virus to Randy and Mickey Mouse
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Spoilers for 'South Park: 2020 Problems'

'South Park' pulls no punches when it comes to those they're making fun of, and in its first-ever one-hour special in honor of the pandemic, 'South Park' puts its own spin on just where the virus came from. When Randy Marsh (Trey Parker) visits China in an attempt to expand his Tegrity Farms weed business, a quick series of events sees him partying hard with none other than the embodiment of Disney himself, Mickey Mouse (Trey Parker). While there, the flashback reveals that Randy had sex with a bat in a back alley, which is how Covid-19 was transferred from the bat to a human.

Not even the revelation that a bat wasn't responsible for the virus lets Randy off the hook, as scientists of South Park discover that the virus actually came from a pangolin — one that Randy also had sex with, at Mickey's urging. Once and for all, 'South Park' lays the blame for the coronavirus on Randy — him and the Disney corporation, of course. And fans are highly amused. 

"Well South Park just traced the origins of COVID... f***in Randy and Mickey Mouse tag teaming a bat!" writes a fan, in response to this revelation. "Oh, hell. And this is how they get disrespectful as s**t. Randy & mickey mouse caused it all," writes another. "South Park is off the chain...I know, I know...understatement...but how they just showed COVID starting is wild," writes a third.




Things go from bad to worse as scientists claim that they need the DNA inside the pangolin — that is Randy's DNA — in order to figure out a vaccine, and a cure. Randy, cutting out the middleman to hide his culpability in all this, decides to immediately masturbate over his entire stock of Tegrity Farms weed in order to vaccinate other people with his DNA. This doesn't go as well as planned, as this cures nobody but gives people Randy's mustache instead. Ultimately, even though the pangolin was found, the President (Trey Parker) burned it just to ensure that the coronavirus continued killing off minorities.

Fans are shocked and delighted at the show making fun of Disney in the most explicit way possible, and of course, centering the blame on Randy. "OF COURSE THEY MADE COVID RANDY’S FAULT," writes a fan. "I just watched Mickey Mouse f**k a Bat. Pretty sure, I went into shock and erased my childhood mentally," writes another. Of course, Mickey Mouse isn't the only beloved childhood character that a comedy show says f***s bats... but that's another story.



South Park's 'The Pandemic Special' premieres on Comedy Central on Wednesday, September 30, at 8 pm ET/PT, with two encore airings at 9 pm and 10 pm.

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