Soulja Boy's OnlyFans nudes leaked, rapper as delighted as his fans

After he promoted his OnlyFans on Twitter, Soulja Boy's nudes were leaked by a subscriber

                            Soulja Boy's OnlyFans nudes leaked, rapper as delighted as his fans
Soulja Boy attends Spotify Best New Artist 2019 (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Soulja Boy-starrer 'The Life of Dracos' is expected to premiere on January 21. Before he could surface on our timelines for his series, Soulja Boy is trending for something else which may be his own doing. On January 11, he self promoted his OnlyFans on Twitter and one of his pumped up followers promptly subscribed and shared his nudes with the rest of us. 

'Kiss Me Thru The Phone' singer Soulja Boy wasn't ashamed or annoyed by this, he was in fact delighted that fans could see 'all' of him. The follower not only subscribed to the rapper's OnlyFans but also leaked some racy images of the artist's private parts online.


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Looking at the reactions his 'images' from OnlyFans are eliciting, it seems like Soulja Boy does not really mind being under the limelight in all his naked glory. These leaked nudes have led to his name trending online, and he has been interacting with these thristy comments on his Twitter.


From retweeting, "Lmaoooo after I seen that picture Soulja boy got every reason to act how he do" to "Soulja boy im trynna be yo Soulja Girlllllll", here's more on what went down. 




Other retweets by the rapper include this one that says, "Going to see Soulja boy about a horse."


Another said, "That picture I just seen of @souljaboy , yea I’ll kiss it through the phone fasho."


Getting a little nostalgic, this user said, "See.. back in 6th grade I knew Soulja boy was the man of my dreams."


Highlighting his name Big Draco, this user said, "Oh wow Soulja Boy. I see why they call you Big Draco."


Why their preference is skinny boys is explained by this user as, "Soulja boy is my prime example when my friends ask me why i be loving them paper thin niggas"


Another similar view, "Idk why y’all shocked bout Soulja boy it’s always the skinny ones! That’s why they my fav".


Recalling the lyrics to Soulja Boy's "Kiss Me Thru The Phone", one user said, "Soulja boy I mean BIG DRACO , is your number still 678-999-8212 or you changed it? Lmk some sir @souljaboy."


But Soulja Boy is not the only one whose nudes were leaked. Earlier, Dave East, Trey Songz, Nick Cannon and Safaree have all been victimized. After the 41-year old's photos did the rounds on Twitter, Cannon became the talk of the town for a while. 

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