Sophie Monk reveals how she regrets turning down the stripper's role in the hit movie 'The Hangover'

Sophie Monk had chosen a role in The Hills Run Red over The Hangover and she admits it was not a genius move at all.

                            Sophie Monk reveals how she regrets turning down the stripper's role in the hit movie 'The Hangover'
Sophie Monk (Source:Getty Images)

Sophie Monk has already won the hearts of many after appearing on The Bachelorette and hosting the famous show Love Island and she was all set to do the same by entering into Hollywood but that dream of hers had a short life. Speaking on Fitz and Wippa, Sophie confessed that she was offered the role of stripper Jade in the hit movie "The Hangover".

"This movie I passed up The Hangover for, which was not genius at all, that move,” she admits. “No-one ever saw it.” However, Sophie's fate took a different turn when she decided to reject the part and take on another role which she is not too proud of. “I was meant to be Heather Graham in The Hangover, but I decided to do this weird movie where I ended up sleeping with my father, having a baby with him… it just got weird," she said. 

The movie that Sophie is talking about is horror film 'The Hills Run Red'. “I was like, ‘I smell an Oscar, I smell an Oscar’, and guess what? I got nothing. I didn’t even get residuals!” Sophie explained that she was not too happy with the script of "The Hangover" and said that it was “ridiculous”. “As if Mike Tyson would come out with this tattoo, and there’s a baby in the closet? This doesn’t even make sense. Makes much more sense to have sex with my dad in a film,” she mused.

This comes after Sophie confessed about a funny incident appearing on The Kyle & Jackie O Show. Sophie appeared on the show on Thursday (June 28) morning and revealed how she had walked into her hotel lobby when she saw a group of people frantically searching for a four-year-old missing boy. "I went, ‘What's the problem? I've got it,'" she said. "You know those moments where you go, ‘This is it... A Current Affair, 60 Minutes—I'm going to nail it.

She then decided to take matters into her own hand. "I'm running through looking for this kid and they went, ‘He's four years old and he's in a soccer outfit,' and I went ‘Done'," Sophie says that she looked everywhere and it was after a long time that she finally met a guy who matched the description. "Guess what? Bang. Four-year-old in the soccer outfit," she said. "I grabbed him by the arm and went ‘Hey, everyone's looking for you, you come with me now.'"

However, things were a lot different than she had thought. When walking away with the child she heard a man yell, "What are you doing with my son?" It is then that Sophie realized the mistake she had committed. "I realized I was in Europe and there's a World Cup, so every four-year-old was wearing a soccer outfit," she said. "I kidnapped a kid by accident, but in my head, God, it was brave. It never works out for me. I'm never the hero," she joked. "I just thought for once I could get a great headline: ‘Sophie saves the world'."