'Songland': Kelsea Ballerini chose Darius Coleman's 'Better Luck Next Time' as her next single and fans call it the 'right choice'

'Songland': Kelsea Ballerini chose Darius Coleman's 'Better Luck Next Time' as her next single and fans call it the 'right choice'

NBC's 'Songland' returned after 'America's Got Talent' for its third episode with country singer Kelsea Ballerini as the featured artiste. 

Ballerini was searching for her next big hit after she just received her fifth #1 hit this week. Ballerini had four upcoming songwriters to choose her next single from. 

Jack Newsome, Darius Coleman, Jess Jocoy, and Daniel Feels. Newsome was the first one up to perform his original song, 'Lying (Next to You)' for Ballerini. Jocoy performed her song 'Easy' that is about falling in love and heartbreak. Next up was Feels who sang his song 'Crush' and finally Coleman performed 'Better Luck Next Time' for Ballerini as his original song. 


After listening to all four contestants pour their hearts out via their song, Ballerini had to choose only three out of the four and sadly ended sending Jocoy home. Once the final three contestants were chosen it was time for them to get paired up with their mentors. 

Newsome was paired with Shane McAnally who helped him focus on his lyrics, and also increased the beat for the song. Coleman was paired with Ryan Tedder who helped him find the right key at the start, they also went from acoustic to electric, and finally, the duo recorded vocals and backtrack for the song to make it sound better while singing.  Feel who was paired with Ester Dean was asked to slow down his song and change it from electric to acoustic and also suggested having a female perform it so she would know how it will sound when she sings it. 

Songland  Episode 103 -- Pictured: Darius Coleman -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

With all the changes made to the three songs, Ballerini was invited back to hear the contestants perform their song for one last time before she could choose a winner. After listening to everyone sing, Ballerini had made a decision. She chose Coleman's song 'Better Luck Next Time.' And it wasn't a huge shock because it fit with her style and sound perfectly. 

Coleman's win was appreciated by fans all over as they took to Twitter to appreciate him and share their love. "#Songland actually watched the whole entire episode tonight and the whole recent to why Darius Coleman won tonight's episode in my opinion was that he was able to combine pop music with contemporary country music to be placed on Kelsea ballerini's new album possibly fall 2019," wrote a fan on Twitter. 

While another added saying, " Lovin this one! and @RyanTedder knew exactly what needed to be done..so awesome! #Songland." 

"Love this song almost as much as I love the show!" said another fan.

With Ballerini's next hit song figured out, we can't wait for next week's featured judges - the Jonas Brothers and who they will end up choosing. 

'Songland' airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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