'Songland' contestant Tebby Burrows was in 'genuine shock and excitement' after John Legend chose her song 'We Need Love'

Burrows opens up about getting called for 'Songland' and working alongside country music singer and songwriter Shane McAnally

                            'Songland' contestant Tebby Burrows was in 'genuine shock and excitement' after John Legend chose her song 'We Need Love'

The recently released NBC series 'Songland' has aired with 6 episodes till date and it has the viewers hooked to their screens.

But currently, the series is on a five-week hiatus and will return to our screen on August 14 with a brand new timing. While fans and viewers are disappointed that their new summer show is on a break, the series revealed that they will continue to air a re-run of 'Songland'. 

This Wednesday, the series aired their re-run of the first episode of 'Songland' where EGOT winner John Legend was the featured artiste. After listening to the four songwriters who competed against each other for a chance to win, Legend chose Tebby Burrows' song 'We Need Love'. 

Burrows, who hails from Miami, is not new in the music game. She has been writing music since the age of 12. Burrows has opened for Grammy-Award winning singer Joss Stone and she has also performed at Irie Weekend, New York City’s famed BB King’s Blues Club. In 2019, Burrows released her first EP 'Love in the Remedy'.

John Legend chose Tebby Burrows' song 'We Need Love' as his next new single on Songland (Photo by Trae Patton/NBC)

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) Burrows opened up about how she got on Songland, and how it was to work alongside country music singer and songwriter Shane McAnally and be mentored by him. 

Revealing the process of how she got on the newly released reality TV competition series Burrows said: "Yeah, so essentially I had known about the show because they were working on the show and then when I saw that it was greenlit and the project was moving forward. I just I submitted one of my songs, and that's how I got called for it." 

Burrows was competing against three other contestants for a chance to get her song chosen by Legend. And, when we asked her if she was nervous when she walked onto the stage for the first time and performed for the mentors and Legend her response was: "Yes, of course, I was definitely nervous, but I just was more excited when it came to seeing who my artist was going to be and seeing that it was John, I was even more excited. I'm obviously also a huge fan of the three judges Ryan Shane and Esther. So it was really really cool to actually walk into the room with them." 

Talking about how it was to compete against the other three singers in the room and if she had the slightest idea that Legend would choose her song, Burrows said, "I had no idea. I actually thought that there were so many great songwriters that were on the show with me and I really did not expect for him to pick my song but I was excited when he did." 

The young songwriter told us she was in shock when Legend unveiled the name of the winner. "I was in shock because I honestly went in there just really happy about the fact that I had been on this show and gotten to work with Shane McAnally and kind had this great experience. I really didn't think that he was going to pick it. So when he told that I won, I was in genuine shock and just excitement. Shane and I just worked so well on it that I was just really I was happy to see that John really liked." 

John Legend chose Tebby Burrows' song 'We Need Love' as his next new single on Songland (Photo by Trae Patton/NBC)

Burrows was mentored by Shane McAnally who helped her strip her song down and make it more acoustic. Disclosing how it was to work with the award-winning singer, she said, "Shane is amazing. He is such an amazing mentor because he's a songwriter and his background I mean, he's been a songwriter for so many years and he understands the art of songwriting and so to have him really help me craft something that would get it to number one was great. He just he knows what he's doing so I felt really reassured and he loved the message of the song. So he wanted to keep the Integrity the whole time which was great." 

Revealing how she wrote 'We Need Love' Burrows said, "I was just writing a lot and. Initially, you don't really know what's going to come out when you start, you know, you might start with melody or start with words and I kind of just let it flow and once I had a few words that really stuck with me, I kind of crafted it out of there and I think that just It was something that was on my heart obviously because of everything that's going on in the world. I think it just kind of poured out from that." 

Burrows continued to reveal that after her win on 'Songland', she moved to LA and has had a lot of opportunities to work with other well-known songwriters, producers, and contestants from the show who competed along with her. "I went to Nashville and collaborated with Shane's writers and as well as Sam James who's on my episode and we've just been working on music for other artists and also for myself for my next project," the songwriter unveiled. 

She added that she is currently working on new music and will be releasing some of them soon. 'Songland' airs every Wednesday night at 9 pm on NBC. Check your local listings for more information. 

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