All the 4 songwriters in 'Songland' vying for the Jonas Brothers' attention to choose their song

All the 4 songwriters in 'Songland' vying for the Jonas Brothers' attention to choose their song

On Tuesday, June 18, night 'Songland' will return for its fourth episode after 'America's Got Talent' season 14. 

This week the featured guest artistes are none other than the Jonas Brothers, who enter the series in search of their next hit song. Four songwriters will get a chance to pitch their original song to Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. 

Out of the four that pitch their songs, only three will move on to the next step where they get mentored by one of the judges — Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean and Shane McAnally. The mentors/judges will help each songwriter with the lyrics, tempo, tune among other aspects of the song.

Once their songs are finetuned, they will perform for the Jonas Brothers one last time, before the trio chooses one song as their next hit. This week one singer will also have a major advantage that no one else had till date on the series. 

Whichever contestant is paired with Tedder will be the one with the major advantage. If you're wondering why it is because the Jonas Brothers and Tedder are pretty close. Tedder wrote six out of 16 songs that are in the Jonas Brother's new album. And that includes 'Sucker' and 'Cool'. So Tedder overall knows exactly what the Jonas Brothers like, which is a major advantage for the contestant who gets mentored by him. 


Here are the four contestants competing this week for a chance to be the songwriter the Jonas Brothers choose:

Able Heart

Hailing from Philadelphia, Able Heart is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. Though the episode airs on Tuesday night, the series already gave us a sneak peek of what Heart will be performing. Titled 'Greenlight', it is a combination of R&B and electronic music. Though the song seemed perfect just the way it is, it will get better and more epic with time if he makes it through round one and gets to work with one of the mentors. Heart also revealed that he not only wrote the song but also produced, mixed and engineered it. He also revealed that he has done a lot of ghost work for other artistes as well. 

Able Heart is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer (Justin Lubin/NBC)

Remmi (Rachel Smith)

Hailing from Nashville, Remmi (Rachel Smith) is originally from Orlando. According to her All Music bio, Remmi is a part of Nashville’s burgeoning electro-pop scene. She moved to Nashville hoping to make a career in publishing and songwriting. Ever since Remmi moved to Nashville, she has released a number of singles and an EP. Her genre seems to be electronic which might be able to work for the Jonas Brothers. We will have to wait and see how it goes down. 

Remmi is a part of Nashville’s burgeoning electro-pop scene (Justin Lubin/NBC)

Rynn (Kathryn Kempthorn)

Rynn (Kathryn Kempthorn) who hails from Los Angeles is a singer and songwriter who is mostly into pop. Rynn always had a passion for music, but she revealed that it grew more when she started to study songwriting at Belmont University in Tennessee. Though she wasn't too keen on the focus of country music there, Rynn stuck on to the same story writing ways she learned. In an interview with Vinylmnky, she spoke about her inspirations saying, "I was really inspired my bands such as Broods, Sylvan Esso, MØ, and Purity Ring. At this moment, I’ve had the artists Night Beds and Grimes on repeat!" Recently she released a number of songs that can be seen on her YouTube channel. 



Rynn is a singer and songwriter who is mostly into pop (Justin Lubin/NBC)

Ori Dulitzki

Ori Dulitzki grew up in Philadelphia where he discovered his love for pop and R&B. He also won the 2019 BMI Abe Olman Scholarship for songwriters. Dulitzki doesn't have much information about him that could be found, but what we do know is once he figured out his passion for music he moved to New York. Hoping to work with producers and writers, Dulitzki found himself a spot on 'Songland' in just two months since his move to New York. Talk about luck.

Ori discovered his love for pop and R&B at a young age (Justin Lubin/NBC)

'Songland' airs every Tuesday night on NBC. Check your local listings for more information.

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