'Songland' Season 2: Usher rejects 'Billions', upset fans want Fatherdude to record song on his own

Fans felt that Usher missed out on a great song by eliminating Fatherdude's 'Billions'

                            'Songland' Season 2: Usher rejects 'Billions', upset fans want Fatherdude to record song on his own
Fatherdude (NBC)

Pitching a song to R&B legend Usher can be intimidating. But that didn't stop songwriter Fatherdude from doing it on 'Songland'. He performed his original composition called 'Billions' to Usher on the show. 

Fatherdude's performance was met with lots of praises from the judges — Ester Dean, Shane McAnally, Ryan Tedder and Usher. Usher pointed out how 'Billions' started off as a pop song and slowly progressed into R&B, and was very impressed by it, while Ester was taken aback by the Fatherdude's falsetto. The judges then began brainstorming on how to make the song better and experimented with the chorus. The judges couldn't stop raving about the song's wonderfully composed verse.

Unfortunately, Fatherdude's 'Billion's didn't make the cut to the final round. Usher reveals that although 'Billions' was a wonderful track, it didn't fit his needs at that point of time. Usher sent off Fatherdude by encouraging him to continue writing songs and not to give up. Fans were not at all pleased with the 'Yeah!' singer's decision to send Fatherdude home. They felt that the 'Billions' song's vibe matched him better than the other songs pitched to him on the show.


Fans expressed their displeasure with Usher's decision on Twitter. A fan tweeted, "After listening to the three choices, I still want 'Billions' #[email protected]" Another fan wrote, "Wait... @Usher didn't choose 'Billions'?? It's the most original (and best) song... #songland Staying Over is so cookie-cutter." Another said, "Urrrsherrr.... No shade, but you picked Salty over Billions?! Billions was made for you. Geez. #Songland." Another fan commented, "He didn't take 'Billions????' He kept 'Horse & Carriage??????' Smh #Songland." One more said, "@NBCSongland and @Fatherdude Can’t believe he sent you away fatherdude. I think your song was the best."

Fans also began demanding that Fatherdude record the song himself and put it out. A fan wrote, "@Fatherdude needs to record this and put it out himself because it's a great song that Usher missed out on." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Ok @Fatherdude what do we need to do to get #Billions #Songland." One more said, "@Fatherdude’s Billions is where it is. Somebody needs to record this song QUICK! That’s a hit. @Usher missed out. #[email protected]"

'Songland' airs every Monday at 10 pm EST only on NBC.

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