'Songland': Ryan Innes wins hearts with 'Long Way Home' and awestruck fans want Chris Stapleton to perform it

'Songland': Ryan Innes wins hearts with 'Long Way Home' and awestruck fans want Chris Stapleton to perform it
Ryan Innes and Chris Stapleton (Getty Images)

Ryan Innes's masterpiece of a song — 'Long Way Home' — may not have been picked by Lady Antebellum for performing on their tour, but his lyrical triumph hasn’t been lost on fans. Ever since fans heard Innes croon his beautiful song, they have been hooked to it.
Innes’s face may be very familiar for ‘The Voice’ fans. Innes was a contestant on the popular reality talent show, where he was an absolute hit with the fans. The singer, who has now broadened his horizons by venturing into songwriting, has captured fans with the soulful and deep lyrics of ‘Long Way Home’.
Several fans declared on Twitter that Innes’s song should have been the winner. A fan tweeted, "'It's never a race, as long as you get where you're going. Sometimes the heart needs to take the long way home' what a voice & what a beautiful song #Songland."

Another fan wrote, “Personally would have picked 'Long way home' followed by 'losing you' #Songland.”

"songland #longwayhome yesss this one is a winner in my book," echoed another fan. "Where can I get #LongWayHome @EsterDean??!!?? Absolutely LOVED it!! #SongLand,” commented an awestruck fan. "# Long Way Home is still my favorite #Songland," shared a fan.



Although fans were unhappy that Innes’s song didn’t get picked by Lady Antebellum, they felt that his song would be in better hands with Chris Stapleton, as opposed to Lady Antebellum who are more into the country-pop genre. A fan wrote, "Man, Chris Stapleton would kill it on 'Long Way Home'. #Songland.” Another fan shared, “Please pass 'Long Way Home' to Chris Stapleton if it doesn’t get produced by Lady Antebellum. #Songland.”


“Sometimes the Heart Takes the Long Way Home ~ #wow #Songland THIS is a smash for someone!!!!" tweeted a fan.
Innes was so overwhelmed with all the love and response he has gotten from fans that he tweeted requesting fans to give a shout out to Stapleton in the hopes of him picking the song to perform. He wrote, “What if the unreal Mr. @ChrisStapleton were to cut Long Way Home?!?! Y’all give him a shout and let him know it would be real real nice. #songland @NBCSongland."
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10pm EST only on NBC.


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