‘Songland’: Luis Fonsi picks ‘Sway’ by PipoBeats as winner and fans say they knew as soon as they heard it

'Songland' fans are already 'swaying' to the track picked by Luis Fonsi

                            ‘Songland’: Luis Fonsi picks ‘Sway’ by PipoBeats as winner and fans say they knew as soon as they heard it
PipoBeats (NBC)

Luis Fonsi is known for his groovy summery numbers, so when the ‘Despacito’ singer picked 'Sway' by PipoBeats as the winner in ‘Songland’, fans weren’t surprised at all and in fact they anticipated it right after Pipo’s first performance.

The 20-something California native took the stage by storm with his original composition called ‘Sway’. Filled with loads of upbeat beats and catchy rhythm, switching between Spanish and English, the song checked all boxes for Fonsi. But the judges and Fonsi agreed that the song could use a bit more tweaking to make it more catchy. So when Pipo returned with the finished product after incorporating the feedback and suggestions he got from Fonsi and the judges, everybody knew that they had a hit-song on hand. So, it was a no-brainer for Fonsi to choose Pipo although the other two performances were equally stellar.

Fans too seemed to agree that Fonsi made the right decision by picking Pipo and are already “swaying” to the catchy song. A fan tweeted, “I knew Sway was going to win as soon as I heard it!!!”

Another fan shared, “@LuisFonsi Sway for the win Fire it got everyone in my house dancing. Almost forgot we were in quarantine #Songland @NBCSongland @pipobeats.”

“Sway is in my head and I don’t even speak Spanish. A good song is just a good song! #sway #Songland,” declared a fan.

“If you’re not watching  @NBCSongland seriously what are you doing? These people are insanely talented! This whole songwriting process is FireAlso 'sway' is a SMASH! Gah so good! #Songland,” expressed another fan.
“Oh #Songland you have no idea how excited you made me today to watch this episode. I’m totally swaying and dancing on my couch. So in love with this show and #LuisFonsi just made it extra special,” wrote a fan.

Another fan commented, “'Sway' was clearly the front runner for this episode considering the lyrics were bilingual and the production had that soca sounding vibe that’s common in Latin pop music plus the songwriter wrote it for Fonsi in the first place #Songland.”

“Me 'Sway'ing already to this bop #Songland Glad that @pipobeats song got chosen by @LuisFonsi Issa summer vibe,” pointed out a fan.
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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