'Songland': Axel Mansoor's enchanting original song 'Scary' has fans saying it is stuck in their head

Fans declared Alex Mansoor's song 'Scary' as 'the one' that they would love to hear more of

                            'Songland': Axel Mansoor's enchanting original song 'Scary' has fans saying it is stuck in their head
Alex Mansoor (Trae Patton/NBC)

Axel Mansoor may not have managed to get the cut from HER, but that doesn't mean fans haven't noticed this young songwriter's enchanting vocals and his mastery of composing beautiful lyrics.

Prior to performing his original composition 'Scary', Axel explained how he has grown up traveling all over the world and how that influenced him. He explained to the judges that being bullied for being different is what pushed him to tap into his musical skills.

The judges immediately empathized with him and proceeded to hear his masterpiece. None of the judges were prepared for what they would experience. Axel’s falsetto and the way he carried himself on the stage left the judges awestruck.

H.E.R. declared that it was perfect and other judges too were hard-pressed to find anything major that they could tweak to take the song to the next level. Shane McAnally declared that he needs to hear to other songs to get the catchy yet haunting tune of 'Scary' out of his head,


Fans too echoed Shane's sentiments about the song being stuck in their head. A fan tweeted, "Yo 'Scary' has been stuck in my head this entire time and if I heard @HERMusicx version I think I would be in music heaven #Songland."

Another fan wrote, "@NBCSongland first week I was wrong about the song that was picked. I have 'Scary' stuck in my head!  #songland #scary @EsterDean."
Axel proceeded to the next round and was paired with Ester Dean. The duo managed to make the already incredible song even better. When Axel performed the final version, fans declared that it was "the one" for them.

A fan shared, "Listen. All of these songs were the bomb! But Scary.....SCARYYYYY?!? That’s the ONE! #Songland @iamaxelm." Another fan expressed, "When I get out of this quarantine, 'Scary' is going to be my 'boo, come over to my house and let's chill' song. #Facts #Songland."

A fan revealed, "'Scary' is hands down the best song.  I would buy that song TODAY!!!  #Songland."
"The final version of 'Scary' HOLY SHIT!!!!! It went from being something The Weeknd might cut to like 'I Would Die 4 U' 2.0... The final product gave me almost classic Babyface vibes, to maybe something Justin Timberlake would put out A SOLID RECORD #Songland," pointed out a fan.
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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