'Songland': David Wade gets called out by fans for 'jacking' Gyptian's music and lyrics for his original track

Fans wondered if the reason why David Wade's song wasn't picked because it had striking similarities with Gyptian's song 'Hold Yuh'

                            'Songland': David Wade gets called out by fans for 'jacking' Gyptian's music and lyrics for his original track
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Aspiring songwriter David Wade's original composition 'Horse 'N Carriage' was an instant hit among the judges and Usher. They felt that it had the potential to go beyond R&B into the world music scene. However, certain terms like 'cabbage' in the song left Ester Dean and Shane McAnally confused with what David may have meant. Usher then proceeded to explain that in culture, cabbage means money. Just like the judges, fans too were instantly smitten by the song and its groovy beats.

It came as no surprise when David was sent to the studio round and paired with none other than Shane. The duo then did their magic in the studio, and came out with a revised version of the original song and titled it 'Personal'. The new version too was very catchy and upbeat. The Caribbean influence took the song to another level and fans couldn't get enough of it. But they were left shocked when Usher chose to pass on 'Personal' and picked another song as the winner instead. So fans began wondering why Usher would pass on such a beautiful track, and soon found their answer.



A fan tweeted an excerpt of a song called 'Hold Yuh' by Gyptian featuring Nicki Minaj and pointed out that there were same lines in both the songs. The fan wrote, "You gotta give Gyptian some cred using those lyrics “ Gyal, me wann fi hold Yuh put me arms right around ya Gyal, you give me the tightest Hold me eva seen in my life” #gyptian #davidwade #Songland." Another fan tweeted, "OK they got rid of Gyptian sample in the final product song Personal. They must have found out it wasn't original #Songland." 

"That black guy singing Girl i just want to hold you on #Songland.... that line and beat is similar to jamaican dancehall artiste #[email protected]," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "Horse and Carriage straight jacked Hold You by Gyptian... #Songland." "Soo....he just gonna take gyptian song?  #songland," wondered a fan. Another fan questioned, "Damn, we just using Gyptian's "Hold Yuh" like that?? #Songland."

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