'Songland': Ben Platt picks David Davis's 'Everything it Took to Get to You' as the winner

David's original composition resonated strongly with Ben Platt

                            'Songland': Ben Platt picks David Davis's 'Everything it Took to Get to You' as the winner
David Davis (Trae Patton/NBC)

At just 26, Ben Platt has already bagged a Grammy award, a Tony award and an Emmy. He only needs an Oscar to join the elite club of 'EGOT' recipients. Despite his many accomplishments and talents, Ben is always on the lookout for something new and fresh. What better place than 'Songland' to find a fresh, new song composed by an aspiring songwriter.

Ben was certainly spoilt for choice when it came to picking the winner, considering how all the songwriters had perfect lyrics and unforgettable melodies. He first heard David Davis's original composition 'Everything it took to Get to You'. The song is about being at a happy place in a relationship with someone while reflecting on all the efforts and hardships it took to get there. A soon as Ben heard the song, he was totally hooked onto it. Ben then revealed how some of the aspects of the song resonated strongly with him as he reflected on his previous relationships.

While Ryan Tedder pointed out that a line from the song hit him in the gut and admitted that he loved it. Shane McAnally too joined in and praised David for the melody. So, it came as no surprise when David was sent to the next round. Ben paired David with Ryan to make some changes to the song and refine it. The duo then hit the studio and made a few tweaks to the track, to make it more suitable to Ben's persona and align it with what he is looking for. 

After all the changes were incorporated, David gave his final performance on 'Everything it took to get to you' in front of Ben and the other judges. His performance left the judges speechless and they couldn't stop singing praises of how beautiful the song's melody was. David's fellow contestant Caroline Kole gave him a run for the money with her splendid performance if 'Fool's Gold'. Despite Caroline's performance, Ben couldn't get his mind off David's track, so he ultimately chose David as the winner. Ben revealed how David's gospel song vibe with pop elements really stuck out to him and expressed his excitement over recording the new song which he is certain will strike a chord with the listeners.

'Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST only on NBC.

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