'Songland': Bebe Rexha fixates on Greg Scott's composition 'Miracle', fans say it's 'too basic' for Olympics

Fans weren't happy with Bebe Rexha's decision to perform 'Miracle' at Olympics

                            'Songland': Bebe Rexha fixates on Greg Scott's composition 'Miracle', fans say it's 'too basic' for Olympics
Greg Scott (NBC)

As soon as Bebe Rexha heard Greg Scott perform 'Miracle', she was hooked. Bebe appeared on the latest episode of 'Songland' looking for a track that she could perform to promote the Tokyo Olympics. The talented songwriters rose to the occasion and pitched some amazing songs to the Grammy-nominated singer, which she could possibly use for promoting the Olympics. 

Scott was the first songwriter to pitch his song 'Miracle' to Bebe. The catchy hook of the track instantly caught Bebe's fancy. She was so in awe of the hook that, she was even ready to deconstruct the whole song and rework on it but wanted to retain the hook. Later, when she heard another songwriter Anna Graceman present her song 'Gold', Bebe loved the melody and verse of the song.

She assigned both the talented songwriters to their coaches and waited patiently to hear the final finished song. In the second and final round, when Bebe heard the final versions of each of the songs, she was blown away. Anna's track 'Gold' was renamed to 'Bones' and was tweaked quite a bit to fit Bebe's requirements, while Greg's song 'Miracle' was fine-tuned just a bit to make it more appealing to Bebe, by throwing in acoustic guitar in the mix. 



Although Bebe seemed to really like 'Bones', she still wasn't ready to let go of 'Miracle' and decided to mash both the songs together and create a new song. She took the verse and melody of 'Bones' and blended it with 'Miracle' for her final song. While fans loved Bebe's idea to blend two songs and we're all for it, they felt that 'Miracle' didn't have the same captivating effect as 'Bones' did. 

A fan tweeted, "Still not really feeling Miracle. It’s catchy but nah #songland." Another fan wrote, "Bones has to be it… Miracle just didnt do it for me anymore #Songland." Some fans felt that Bebe's heart was set on 'Miracle' and just wanted to find a way to accommodate it. A fan pointed, "I think she already had her mind set on Miracle, but Bones is better AF, so now she trying to mix the two, but she really does just need to get over Miracle and just pic Bones. #songland." Another fan shared, "You can see in her face she really loves Miracle. I think it STILL sounds basic AF #Songland."

"Miracle. I mean, as fire as that was, is it Olympic worthy?  #Songland," wondered a fan.

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