'Songland': Martina McBride covers Halie's 'Girls Like Me', fans say they're listening to it with tears of joy

Martina McBride's latest song 'Girls Like Me' has fans declaring it a 'girls anthem'

                            'Songland': Martina McBride covers Halie's 'Girls Like Me', fans say they're listening to it with tears of joy
Martina McBride (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Thanks to ‘Songland’ we got to witness the whole journey behind Martina McBride’s latest single ‘Girls Like Me’. We witnessed the songwriter Halie come and pitch the song to Martina and the coaches. They instantly loved the song and later Ester Dean joined Halie and helped her refine the song further to meet what Martina was looking for.

Finally, when Halie performed the final version of the song, Martina fell in love with it and decided to take that song and record it. Finally, the country singer released the official video of ‘Girls Like Me’ with her amazing vocals. Considering it is quarantine, the singer had to record most of the video for the song in the studio.

Despite that, the fans absolutely loved Martina’s spin on Halie’s song ‘Girls Like Me’ and began praising the songstress for her beautiful performance. A fan tweeted, “@NBCSongland and @martinamcbride Love this song from the first time I heard the lyrics & listened to the songwriter deliver Cute and catchy and will be in my Martina playlist! I miss you singing songs like Anyway and How Far that soar!.”

Another fan wrote, “@martinamcbride and @NBCSongland I knew as soon as she sang that song the first time you would choose it!  It’s a hit through and through!!” “@martinamcbride and @NBCSonglandWe ❤❤ this song SO MUCH!!!!! THANK YOU, Martina for these powerful Girl anthems!!! Girl Power at its finest!!! Face throwing a kissFace throwing a kissRaising handsRaising hands #GirlsLikeMe #CountryQueen,” expressed a fan.



Another fan shared, “@martinamcbride and @NBCSongland Another great song by Martina!  No one can hit you with a song like you Martina! I can’t wait for your next album with this song, I’m already excited.”

“@martinamcbride and @NBCSongland This deserves to be a #1 song, @martinamcbride!!! We can't stop listening to it with happy tears in our eyes!!! #GirlsLikeMe,” revealed a fan.

“@martinamcbride and @NBCSongland I loved this song...it got esterified...mixed with McBride flavor and it is authentically Martina McBride. Cant get it out of my head! #GirlsLikeMe,” wrote a fan.

‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10pm EST only on NBC.

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