'Songland': Keegan Bost's winning song 'Give it to You' has fans raving about the reworked version

Fans loved Keegan's song 'Give it to You' after Ryan Tedder reworked the lyrics and changed it from the original 'Glad You Came'

                            'Songland': Keegan Bost's winning song 'Give it to You' has fans raving about the reworked version
Keegan Bost (Trae Patton/NBC)

Singer and songwriter Julia Michaels shocked everyone by coming onto 'Songland' looking for a fresh song. Julia, who has written songs for several artistes including Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber and Beyonce Knowles among several other top artistes, is known for recording her own songs.

So, everyone was pleasantly surprised to see the Grammy winner appear on the show in search of a songwriter.
‘Songland’ contestants didn’t leave her disappointed though. To put it in Julia’s words, she found some "gems" on the show. Usually, when a writer's original composition is tweaked, fans hate it and constantly express that they love the original version over the tweaked studio version.

But, in a rare exception, fans loved Keegan Bosts' studio version of the song 'Give it to You' rather than his original composition 'Glad You Came'.
Although 'Glad You Came' was good, it didn’t have the things Julia was looking for in her song, so Ryan Tedder stepped in and along with Keegan, he rewrote the entire song, changed the hooks, and brought in new elements.

When Julia and fans heard the new melody, everybody knew that it would be the winner. So, when Keegan’s song 'Give it to You' was announced as the winner, fans weren’t surprised and began expressing their approval and happiness with the winner selection.



A fan tweeted, "I think she didn't like that Numb and Sad Girls were about pill-popping and depression so she just went with the other one and decided she'd just try to change the lyrics.  #Songland."

Another fan wrote, "Congrats @keeganbost on your winning song and being selected by Julia Michaels! #Songland.” “Literally can't stop listening to Give it to you #Songland @juliamichaels," revealed a fan.

"YO GIVE IT TO YOU SLAPS ITS A BOP I LOVE IT BRB WHILE I DANCE ALONE IN MY ROOM  @juliamichaels #songland," expressed a fan.

Another fan pointed out, "If it wasn't for the new version of 'Glad You Came' now known as 'Give It to You' I thought for SURE 'Sad Girls' would be the pick, but Ryan went in there to rewrite an entire song FOR Julia Michaels and boy did he pull it off... GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS #Songland."

"Give it to you. Totally different than the original. Wow.  #songland," echoed a fan.
'Songland' airs every Monday at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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