'Songland': Is Juan Winans related to legendary gospel music family 'The Winans', wonder awestruck fans

Juan's vocals and Lisa's chorus left everybody mesmerized

                            'Songland': Is Juan Winans related to legendary gospel music family 'The Winans', wonder awestruck fans
Juan and Lisa Winans (NBC)

'Songland' is the perfect platform for amateur and aspiring songwriters to pitch their original composition to some of the biggest artists in the industry and get their constructive feedback. The latest episode of 'Songland' featured none other than the legendary R&B group 'Boyz II Men'. Of the four songwriters who came to pitch their songs, a couple caught fans' attention.

Julio and Lisa Winans immediately piqued the interest of the audience as soon as they heard the last name Winans. Although the couple did not mention anything about whether they are related to the famous Gospel singing family, they, however, did seem to share the same zip code. Like the famous Winans family, Julio and Lisa too hailed from Detroit, Michigan.  Fans immediately began wondering if Julio was related to the Winans family. A fan tweeted, "Winans???? Are they related to them???? #Songland." Another fan wrote, "Is anyone gonna ask if they are related to THOSE Winans??? Cmon it can't be just me lol that family is huge! #Songland BUELLER BUELLER."

"He's a Winans from Detroit. From THE Winans Family? #Songland," wondered another fan. "So are they intentionally not making reference to Juan being a member of THE Winans #Songland," commented a fan.

To all those wondering if the couple is related to the Winans, the answer is yes. Juan is not only related to the famous family but also a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. He has worked with the likes of Tyler Perry, Warryn Campbell and George Huff. The couple initially performed a song called 'Maybe', which was based on their relationship. Julio revealed that he was inspired to write the song based on how there are instances in their marriage when they wondered if it is time to throw a towel or work towards staying together.  

The couple managed to impress Boyz II Men with their amazing lyrics and proceeded to the second round, and were paired with Shane McAnally. Shane couldn't get enough of the inspiration behind the song and worked with the couple to tweak the song a bit. The trio worked together and finally came up with their final masterpiece, 'What If it's Love'.  The song left everybody awestruck at how perfect Juan's vocals and Lisa's chorus were. 

‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10pm EST only on NBC.

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