'Songland': Jonas Brothers talk working with songwriter collaborator Ryan Tedder on the series

'Songland': Jonas Brothers talk working with songwriter collaborator Ryan Tedder on the series

'Songland' will return on NBC on Tuesday for an all-new episode featuring four new songwriters who will battle out for a chance to write the next hit for the guest judge.  

This week's guest judge(s) are none other than the Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers have been in the spotlight recently after the brothers reunited after almost six years apart. 

They released their first single titled 'Sucker' after they announced their reunion. Post 'Sucker', the Jonas Brothers also released another song titled 'Cool'.  They also have a documentary on Netflix titled 'Chasing Happiness' based on their life story that was recently released along with their new album 'Happiness Begins'.  

Now looking for their next hit single, the Jonas Brothers - Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas - will appear as the featured guest judges. Prior to the episode, the series recently released a sneak peek of the Jonas Brothers as they talk about working with Ryan Tedder their songwriter collaborator. 


"Working with Ryan is like the fifth Jonas Brother now cause there's actually a fourth who is not in the band," Nick explained. "We can’t thank him enough for getting involved and helping us understand where we were going to go and how to accomplish it. Other than that I mean he is a nice enough guy." 



Chiming in Joe said, "He is a handsome guy, so he's got that going for him." Talking about working with the Jonas Brothers, Tedder said, "The dynamic with the Jonas Brothers is, they all have a great sense of humor. I've spent quite a lot of time with them, so I can more or less anticipate what they might like or not like."

Adding to that he said, "I think the storytelling with the Jonas Brothers is different because they lived so much life now," 


Talking about when they know they like a song, Joe said, "You can tell ten to fifteen seconds into the song if it is something you're going to like or if it's immediate. I think it is something that moves you, kind of stick to you, and it's infectious."

SONGLAND -- "Jonas Brothers" Episode 103 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ester Dean, Kevin Jonas, Ryan Tedder, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Shane McAnally -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Continuing Nick said, "It doesn't have to be emotional, but just evoke something within you that feels like it's true to who you are. And we have a lot of different sounds. Even if it is just the three of us and inspirations and when we can find a way to combine all those sounds, we feel like we've cracked the code." 

Adding to that Kevin said, "When we're in the room, working, I think it's just about whatever feels right for the song, there's no ego, there's no competition at any regard, it is just about bringing your inspiration in that moment to life." 


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