'Songland': Jenna Lotti's 'Sad Girls' strikes a chord with Julia Michaels, fans wish the song gets recorded

'Songland': Jenna Lotti's 'Sad Girls' strikes a chord with Julia Michaels, fans wish the song gets recorded
Jenna Lotti (Trae Patton/NBC)

Writing a song for Julia Michaels can be extremely intimidating for a professional songwriter, leave alone an amateur one. But the participants of ‘Songland’ put their best foot forward and managed to impress Julia with their amazing talent.

When Jenna Lotti walked onto the stage and introduced her song, all Julia could say at the end of Jenna’s performance was how relatable she was. Jenna explained that her original composition ‘Sad Girls’ was inspired by her battle with depression. She was diagnosed with depression at a very early age and she channeled all her experiences and thoughts about it into her lyrical masterpiece ‘Sad Girls’. When Julia heard about Jenna’s depression, she instantly connected with Jenna and wondered if they both were the same person.

Although Jenna’s song was beautiful and Julia loved it, unfortunately, it didn’t get a cut from Julia. Despite that, Julia and fans firmly maintained that Jenna’s song was very relatable and loved how raw and real it was.

A fan tweeted, “Fully relate to this song Sad Girls. #Songland.” Another fan wrote, "Sad Girls" hitting everyone in the feels RN #songland.”

“Lets be honest. we all bonded with julia & jenna #Songland,” commented a fan. Another fan expressed, “Sad Girls” was a great tune overall and you could tell that @juliamichaels was feeling it on a personal and spiritual level. Great production great melodies and great phrasing, definitely my favorite from the first round #Songland.”
Many fans requested the show’s coaches- Shane McAnally, Ester Dean, and Ryan Tedder to record the song ‘Sad Girls’ and put it on streaming platforms so that fans could enjoy the beautiful song. A fan shared, “@shanemcanally we need sad girls on Itunes ASAP...so good! #Songland.” Another fan seconded, “Someone needs to records #SadGirls ASAP! #Songland.”

“Someone please record #sadgirls from #Songland , that song spoke to my soul @shanemcanally @RyanTedder @juliamichaels @EsterDean make it happen please! Red heart,” commented a fan. Another fan wondered, “Okay but can we still get #SadGirls recorded by someone?! @shanemcanally #Songland @KaceyMusgraves maybe?!”
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST only on NBC.

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