'Songland': Jeffrey James's 'Heroes' has fans willing to pay $5 each if he records song himself

Fans were glad the song didn't get picked because they felt nobody could do justice to it except James

                            'Songland': Jeffrey James's 'Heroes' has fans willing to pay $5 each if he records song himself
Jeffrey James (NBC)

Jeffrey James' song 'Heroes' may have not been picked by the guest judge Martina McBride, but that doesn’t mean his song didn't get noticed by the fans. As soon as James began crooning 'Heroes' in his beautiful raspy voice, fans knew that his song would be a hit. James, who describes himself as "uglier Zac Effron" from 'High School Musical', penned the song 'Heroes' to tell the world that we don’t have to wait for some hero to come and rescue us and that we can be our own heroes.
James' song resonated very strongly with the fans who felt that everything about it was perfect. Martina said the song was beautiful but felt that something was lacking when it came to the chorus. So when it was time for the participants to be paired with coaches, James was paired with Ryan Tedder. Ryan and James tweaked the song quite a bit. Ryan helped James make the song’s message more clear since he felt that the original song wasn’t direct enough. He also added a beautiful chorus to jazz up the song.


When James finally performed the final version of the song, fans were blown away and couldn’t get enough of it.

A fan tweeted, "@jeffreyjames I will pay you $5 to hear the updated version of tonight’s track #Songland." Another fan wrote, "That first note and I was HOOKED @jeffreyjames #Songland."

"We can be heroes — love this song! I wouldn’t do a lot to tweak it. Sidenote: @jeffreyjames, voice is so raspy! LOVE IT! #Songland," expressed a fan. Another fan shared, "I so had the gut feeling about Girls Like Me. From the beginning. You could tell haha. Congrats @EsterDean and @haIieofficial But I still loved @jeffreyjames song so I’ll need that like ASAP please lol #Songland."

"I need @jeffreyjames to release We Could Be Heroes on iTunes NOW! Him singing it. The new version. GO! #Songland," demanded a fan.
Few fans were glad that 'Heroes' didn’t get picked by Martina because they felt no one would do justice to that song like James. A fan expressed, "I don't want Heroes to be chosen... @jeffreyjames needs to keep that for himself.... Your stunning voice is the home for that song  #songland."

Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Ok. I almost don’t want Martina to pick this one as I want @jeffreyjames to record this song himself. What an awesome voice. #Songland."
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