'Songland': Raquel Castro hits the right chord with her incredible original song 'Wrong Places'

Raquel Castro's 'Wrong Places' was picked by HER and fans were over the moon

                            'Songland': Raquel Castro hits the right chord with her incredible original song 'Wrong Places'
Raquel Castro (NBC)

Remember the cute, adorable little girl from ‘Jersey Girl’? Well, she is all grown up now and has turned her focus from acting to songwriting. What better platform to get your foot into the cut-throat world of songwriting than ‘Songland’, and that’s exactly what our ‘Jersey Girl’ Raquel Castro did.
Raquel came on the show with her original composition titled ‘Wrong Places’. In her backstage interview, she reveals that she composed the song when she was in a very difficult place in her life. She explains how after ‘Jersey Girl’ she found it extremely hard to find anything else to do and how the fame affected her.
Music was her solace and she turned her pain into beautiful songs. When Raquel performed her number, the judges had nothing but praises for her incredible songwriting skills and her amazing ability to craft such beautiful lyrics that are so relatable.
The guest judge this week, H.E.R., had nothing but praise for Raquel. On hearing 'Wrong Place', H.E.R. instantly declared that they had a hit on their hand, and began singing praises of how amazing Raquel was. Esther Deen too said that Raquel’s song checked all of her checkboxes which she looks for in a song. That’s a pretty big compliment for an amateur songwriter. Ryan Tedder was so excited that he immediately picked his guitar and began humming Raquel’s amazing piece.


Raquel’s song might be called 'Wrong Places' but she certainly is in the right place on ‘Songland’ sharing her beautiful talent with the world.

Fans loved Raquel’s song and began heaping praises on her. A fan tweeted, “#Songland Raquel’s song was so freaking dope!!! I would love to hear that on my playlist."

Another fan wrote, “Raquel’s song is literally the best song prior to Ryan/Ester/Shane touching it on this show ever. #Songland i want to buy it now!!!”

“Yes sir!!! Racquel has a HIT on her hands! @HERMusicx & @EsterDean #Songland,” shared a fan. Another fan expressed, “Wrong Places could be a hit today #Songland.”
It came as no surprise when Raquel managed to get to the next round. She was picked by Tedder to mentor and fine-tune her song. H.E.R. eventually picked Raquel’s song after it was changed from her original acoustic version to a beautiful ballad with Ryan's help. H.E.R. expressed her enthusiasm about recording the song in the studio and said she can’t wait to perform it.
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10pm EST only on NBC.

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