'Songland': Halie's song gets picked by a teary-eyed Martina McBride, fans say she deserves to win

Fans were thrilled on seeing Halie get a cut from Martina after her beautiful performance of 'Girls Like Me'

                            'Songland': Halie's song gets picked by a teary-eyed Martina McBride, fans say she deserves to win
Halie (NBC)

If your song can move country legend Martina McBride to tears, then you know you have already won it. The latest episode of ‘Songland’ featured Martina looking for an exceptionally good songwriter who can help her with composition for live performances. Let’s just say, Martina was spoilt for choice when it came to picking the song. Every contestant managed to come up with a lyrical masterpiece that left her awestruck at the talent on the show.

Halie, a 19-year-old songwriter, went onstage and sang her original song ‘Girls Like Me’. In her introduction, Halie explains that the song is about girls like her who have many insecurities and fears and just hide them and put on a façade of a perfect life by drowning everything in whiskey and cigarettes. When Martina and the mentors on the show heard the song, they felt it was way "too real". Ester Dean quickly jumped in and came up with a wonderful hook, of tweaking the lyrics to make it appear like the singer of the song is just like the other girls. Martina loved the idea and wanted to see how that would pan out.

When it was time to pair the contestants with one of the mentors, Martina immediately assigned Halie to Ester. The duo reworked on the original song and made some tweaks to make it more relatable and universal. Ester suggested that the song should speak to mothers trying to explain to their daughters that they are just like each other. With this new angle in mind, the two of them edited the song. When it was time for the final performance, Halie knocked the socks off everybody’s feet.


Martina was so moved by the lyrics that we could see tears running down her face when she was watching Halie’s performance. Just like Martina, even the fans welled up when they heard Halie’s song.

A fan tweeted, "Ester got Martina to cry. They have to win #Songland."

"That last song made me cry!!! Even if Martina doesn't choose it I need someone to record it!!!! #Songland #GirlsLikeMe." Fans immediately began rooting for Halie to win, and when she did win, they were beyond excited for her.

A fan commented, "I’m crying happy tears!!!!! Congratulations!!! You got this! #Songland Kudos @EsterDean and Halie!" Another fan expressed, "Congratulations Halie on getting your song cut by Martina! Congratulations @martinamcbride on your brand new single Girls Like Me! This song is so inspiring and really shows your true authenticity and story of your life. This song will inspire so many young people. #Songland."

"Girls Like Me was super close to making me tear up! @NBCSongland #Songland," shared a fan. Another fan revealed, "Girls like me is so moving! And im not even a mom! #songland."
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10pm EST only on NBC.

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