'Songland': Griffen Palmer's original 'Second Guessing' wins Florida Georgia Line's vote and fans' approval

'Songland' fans were thrilled with Griffen Palmer's win after his original composition 'Second Guessing' was picked by Florida Georgia Line to be recorded

                            'Songland': Griffen Palmer's original 'Second Guessing' wins Florida Georgia Line's vote and fans' approval
Griffen Palmer (Trae Patton/NBC)

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are no strangers to the world of songwriting and music. The duo who forms the ‘Florida Georgia Line’ group, is well known in the music industry for being exceptionally talented songwriters and performers. With several award wins and nominations, the duo has managed to become a household name, so impressing these two can be quite a task.
The young songwriters on ‘Songland’ rose to the occasion and managed to knock the socks off Florida Georgia Line with their beautiful original compositions. While all the songwriters managed to captivate Florida Georgia Line's interest, one writer in particular- Griffen Palmer managed to leave them stumped with his original song ‘Second Guessing’.
His lyrics resonated strongly with the duo, who felt that the beautiful love song could be a timeless classic. Griffen was assigned Shane McAnally as his mentor, who helped the young songwriter to further finetune the song. Shane loved the original song quite a bit, so he didn’t make any big changes and just made small tweaks which significantly improved the song.



When it was finally Griffen’s turn to perform for the Florida Georgia Line he blew them away with the deep and meaningful lyrics of the love song. The duo absolutely loved everything about the song but were spoilt for choice as the other performers too had some beautiful original compositions.

Finally, the duo decided to pick Griffen as the winner and decided to record his song ‘Second Guessing’. Fans were thrilled with the judges’ choice and expressed their approval. A fan tweeted, “Yep. That one had to be it and it’s the only one that was improved through production. But you can’t fudge a good line and he started off with one #Songland.” Another fan wrote, “That’s was absolutely amazing! Such an incredible song. Can’t wait to hear @FLAGALine sing ‘Second Guessing’ on tour! #Songland @NBCSongland.”

“Second Guessing absolutely deserved the win!! #Songland,” declared a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “It's the first time they've picked my favorite song on #Songland! And I couldn't be more thrilled that it's "Second Guessing" “Second guessing.... pardon me but panty dropper!  Wedding song!  All of it!  Love!  #Songland,” joked a fan.
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST only on NBC. 

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