'Songland': Dan Burke's composition 'Numb' remains a fan-favorite despite not being chosen by Julia Michaels

'Songland': Dan Burke's composition 'Numb' remains a fan-favorite despite not being chosen by Julia Michaels
Dan Burke (NBC)

Dan Burke’s original song ‘Numb’ may not have got the coveted cut from Julia Michaels, but it did get full approval from the fans. With its catchy hooks and intense lyrics, it is no surprise that fans have hailed Burke’s ‘Numb’ as their favorite song of all the songs performed in ‘Songland’.

Burke’s lyrics were simple but captured complex emotions with such ease that fans couldn’t help but love the song. Several fans took to their Twitter to express how ‘Numb’ was their favorite song from the latest episode.

A fan tweeted, “#Numb still comes out as my favorite song tonight! #Songland.”

“I think my favorite of the night is "Numb". #Songland,” wrote a fan.

Several fans began urging Burke and the showrunners to record the song so that fans could enjoy it. Currently, only the winning song is featured on iTunes, so fans want even fan-favorite songs like ‘Numb’, which didn’t make the cut, but fans want more of to be released on these streaming platforms.



A fan wrote, “@danbvrke Your song Numb is my new favorite song. Honestly, I hope you have the rights to it. I think if you released yourself singing that, it would blow up. It’s seriously amazing. #songland.”


“@nbcsongland please have someone record numb or release him singing it. It’s my favorite song I’ve heard this whole year #songland,” expressed another fan.

“#Songland I need Numb as a song please. #numb. Please. This is my new favorite song and it doesn’t even exist,” commented a fan.

“Someone else needs to record "Numb", asap! Such a good song. #Songland,” shared a fan.
‘Songland’ is NBC’s hit show, which documents the whole creative process behind composing a successful song. The show has quickly become a great platform for aspiring songwriters to pitch their original compositions to renowned singers and artists. The contestants are also mentored by top songwriters in the industry — Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder, and Shane McAnally — who work one-on-one with the participants to help fine-tune the song. The winner’s song will eventually be recorded by the artist.


‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST only on NBC.

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