‘Songland’: Fans love CORii's 'What If', but think other artists can do more justice to her song than Luis Fonsi

Fans have a range of artists who they think can perform her song better than Fonsi

                            ‘Songland’: Fans love CORii's 'What If', but think other artists can do more justice to her song than Luis Fonsi

With her extremely powerful lyrics and angelic voice, CORii joined ‘Songland’ hoping to secure a cut from Luis Fonsi for her song. The judges absolutely adored CORii as soon as she stepped on the stage, thanks to her energetic and vibrant personality. When it was finally time for her to perform her masterpiece, ‘What if’, let's just say her performance left the judges and fans speechless.
CORii sang so beautifully and hit such high notes that when fans heard it, they were convinced that although the song is perfect, it isn’t suitable for Luis Fonsi. Considering Fonsi performs mostly reggaeton and groovy numbers, it seemed highly unlikely that her broody and soulful song would align with what he was looking for.
As expected, Fonsi doesn’t pick her because he wasn’t comfortable with the idea of changing her song to fit his needs because he felt it was great just the way it was and didn’t want to mess with it much. While fans are usually sad when a songwriter can’t make it to the next round despite brilliant performance, in this case, they were very glad that ‘What if’ didn’t get chosen.
Fans felt that ‘What if’ would be better suited for several other female singers, and they began name-dropping their choice of singer who’d be able to do total justice to CORii’s lyrical masterpiece. A fan tweeted, “I’m SO glad “What If” didn’t get picked, because the original cut was everything and that belongs to an artist who has the chops. I mean, is @HaileeSteinfeld free? #Songland @NBCSongland.” Another fan wrote, “It was an amazing song but I do agree that it's not for him. I think it would be great for another woman with a big powerful voice. #Songland @NBCSongland.”
“They didn't choose "What If"?? Celine Dione, you better get on it, girl. #Songland,” expressed a fan. Few fans felt that Pink would be the perfect choice for the soulful song, and suggested she quickly grab the song. A fan shared, “The original singer or Pink producing & singing “What If” would be EPIC. Damn! #Songland.”

“#Songland What If? Not bad but let me call Pink the song would fit her more,” echoed a fan. “Her What If song tight, but not for this Despacito dude....maybe for like Celine Dion or Shania Twain or something.... #Songland,” commented a fan.
‘Songland’ airs every Monday at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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