Soldier seen screaming 'f**k this country', shoving wife after arguing with two black women over parking spot gets arrested

Soldier seen screaming 'f**k this country', shoving wife after arguing with two black women over parking spot gets arrested

Savannah, Georgia - A Fort Stewart soldier has been arrested following a violent row with a couple of African-American women over a parking space last week. During the heated exchange, which was caught on camera, the soldier was seen ripping off his uniform and shoving his wife when she tried to calm him down. 

The incident took place outside the Oglethorpe Mall on July 12, when a 3rd Infantry Division soldier, whose name was not released, started arguing with two black women. In the video, posted by De'Minka Spaulding on her Facebook page, the soldier can be seen charging at one of them who was recording his actions.

"Shut the f**k up," he screamed at them, before calling one of the women a "b***h" and another a "n****r." 

"It don't (sic) matter if you were in the way of my God d**n car," he continued telling them as his wife tried to calm him down.


Her interference, however, acted as a catalyst as the man became even more agitated. He screamed at his wife's face before twisting her arm and slamming her into the trunk of their vehicle. 

"He kept throwing up the race card and being disrespectful and b***h that and b***h this," Spaulding told WSAV.

"So, we start arguing back and forth I didn't know what else to do because he started taking his anger out on his wife."

The soldier then ripped off his uniform and also took the cap off his head. "He was like, you know ‘f**k this uniform f**k this country’ and I am just like, I can’t believe he said that,” said Spaulding.

“This is the person that is supposed to representing this country, who is supposed to protect me.”

The man also refused to listen when the African-American women starting shouting at him and telling him that he could not hurt his wife like that.


"And you have the nerve to serve our country," one woman said while filming, to which he replied, "Shut the f**k up."

Another video, taken from a different angle showed the couple having a baby in the back seat.

After shoving his wife, the soldier slammed the truck and the back door of the car. "My heart just went out to her, I was hurt before, so I don’t know. I just felt like I had to do something," Spaulding said. "If all I could do was pull out my phone that’s what I was going to do."

Meanwhile, the 3rd Infantry Division has released a statement on the incident saying: "3rd Infantry Division leadership is aware of the incident involving one of our Soldiers captured on video yesterday. The Soldier has been positively identified and has been detained. We are working with the appropriate civilian and military authorities to address this situation. This Soldier's behavior and actions are not condoned by the 3rd Infantry Division and are not in keeping with the values instilled in our Dogface Soldiers or our Army." 


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 Soldier Savannah Georgia rips off uniform arguing with African-American women parking spot