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'The Society' season 2: All the goof-ups of male characters from season 1 that we don't want to see repeated

'The Society', a young adult mystery show, is looking at a 2020 release. The thriller, about a bunch of teenagers mysteriously transported to a facsimilie of their New England town, will continue from where it left off in the previous season
UPDATED JUL 16, 2019

On July 9, 2019, Netflix finally announced that its young adult mystery show is set to return for a second season. After a long wait of roughly two months and a lot of suspense surrounding the return, the streaming service finally did announce 'The Society' is going to come back for a second season. Looking at a 2020 release, the thriller drama about a bunch of teenagers mysteriously transported to a facsimile of their posh New England town will continue the story from where it left off at the end of the first season. 


A lot of the first season was about the teenagers trying to figure out how to live cooperatively, not to kill each other, and most importantly, figure out a way back home. The teens spent all of S1 building a society out of their misery – a fluidly functioning society that, despite having problems of its own was, well, surviving. 

But after the announcement of the democratic elections, Allie (played by Kathryn Newton) and Will (played by Jacques Colimon) were taken political prisoners for allegedly rigging the elections – New Ham's resident psychopath Campbell (played by Toby Wallace) imprisoned them. By manipulating the weakest link on the show, Harry (played by Alex Fitzalan), the Guards, who are all brawn and no brain, and Lexie (played by Grace Victoria Cox), Campbell has the whole town fooled. And it only remains to be seen how he will ruin the new civilization with his selfish motives. 

But, the boys on 'The Society' have been messing up since the show started. Or perhaps even before that, who is to know for sure.

The first time that the new town saw riots was because of the boys going rogue. When the first leader of the town was shot dead, it was a boy – allegedly though because we still think Dewey wasn't the actual killer and was only framed for it. The political coup staged by Campbell and his henchmen was also all men, except, of course, Lexie. 


On 'The Society' with the exception of a select few, all other male characters are a liability to society and it also makes this the show's central theme – men versus women – and believe us, the women are doing a far greater job keeping themselves and the new civilization surviving and perhaps also thriving than the men. 

The Guards are power-hungry – made up on Jason (played by Emilio Garcia-Sanchez), Clark (Spencer House), and Luke (Alexander MacNicoll). While Luke has his doubts in the beginning, he is manipulated to join the rest in no time. It is no surprise that the Guards are all brawn and no brains because, without any critical thinking abilities, this group can't tell that their makeshift police trio (which could as well be deemed the military) cannot take charge and govern the people. 

But the worst of all is Alex Fitzalan's Harry Bingham. Full of himself, privileged, too rich to be smart, Harry is also full of empty pride. He is also BFFs with Campbell – who we know will either be the downfall of himself or the new civilization. 

With the exception of a few like Jose Julian's Gordie, Sean Berdy's Sam, Jacques Colimon's Will (who is confused and silly in a teenaged way, but essentially a good guy), and Jack Mulhern's Grizz, 'The Society' boasts of stupid men. Will they prove detrimental in the second season too? We got to wait till 2020 to know.