Woman marrying stepson after she was caught sleeping with him posts picture with him aged 7, gets slammed

Marina Balmasheva posted the photo to gain the support of her followers but it backfired

                            Woman marrying stepson after she was caught sleeping with him posts picture with him aged 7, gets slammed
(Marina Balmasheva, Instagram)

A social media influencer is facing severe backlash from her followers after she posted a photo of her with her lover. However, the catch is her lover is actually her stepson, who she is marrying after divorcing his dad.

Marina Balmasheva posted a before and after photo of her with Vladimir, whom she is currently dating. In the before photo, the 35-year-old is seen with the then seven-year-old Vladimir while the second photo showed her with him when he is 20 years old.

(Marina Balmasheva, Instagram)

Balmasheva, who is from the western Russian region of Krasnodar Krai, was earlier married to Vladimir’s father, Alexey, 45. She lived with him for over 10 years before the relationship ended in divorce. Now she is dating his son, who is 15 years younger than her.

“You never know how life will turn out and when you will meet a person who makes you smile. I know that some will judge us, others will support us, but we are happy and wish you to be as well,” Marina said in the Instagram post, which has been translated to English from Russian.

She also said that she loves Vladimir and together they are raising three of his five siblings. Balmasheva added that with her new love, with whom she is currently planning her wedding, she wants to start a family and have children.

Balmasheva has around 420,000 social media followers. She started the account to document her weight loss journey, but now it seems many of her followers are not happy with her decision to marry her stepson, whom she watched grow up for 13 years. She posted the photo to gain the support of people on social media but it instead backfired.

She tried to justify their relationship and said there were “two sides to the story: mine and not mine".

Several people on the social site said that the relationship is immoral since she had helped raise the child. “What shocks me most is that this boy grew up before her very eyes,” one user commented.

“That's all, Marina can’t catch more of a major hype on this! Think further about the content!” another wrote. “Probably now, besides this garbage, there is nothing more to write about and nothing to wait,” the third one chimed in.

Balmasheva’s ex-husband came to know about their relationship after hearing them have sex in their family home.

“I could not fall asleep one night when I heard them having sex. Then I understood that Marina was cheating on me with my son, in a few minutes she just came and lay down next to me. I didn’t tell her a word that night,” Alexey said on a Russian talk show 'On Air' in March.

However, Balmasheva denied the claims by Alexey and said she began a relationship with Vladimir only after she split from his father. She also denied having sex in their family home. In the same program, she said she never loved Alexey and denied they had ever "been close". “All I was interested in the last couple of years was food, I got fat and wanted to die of such a life,” she said.

Balmasheva, who used to weigh 132 kilograms, shed 58 kilograms and credited her transformation to her stepson. “I don’t feel like a mature woman, like a woman who has to do stuff around the house. He makes me feel like a young and happy girl,” she added.

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