'So You Think You Can Dance': Judges save Anna instead of Stephanie Sosa and fans are outraged

'So You Think You Can Dance': Judges save Anna instead of Stephanie Sosa and fans are outraged

Post weeks of auditions, academy rounds, and cuts, 'So You Think You Can Dance' season 16 finally aired with its first round of live shows last week, and we saw the Top 10 finalists battle it out for America's vote. 

Now that the series has entered the live shows, the judges will be able to critique the performances but the final decision does not rest in their hands as America will get to vote for the contestant they think deserves a chance to stay in the competition. The contestants with the lowest votes will face elimination and the judges will get to save two contestants from the bunch and the rest will be eliminated. 

Back again this week, the judges revealed that they loved Bailey Munoz and Mariah Russell‘s jazz routine and Madison Jordan and Ezra Sosa‘s contemporary performance. But the judges also spoke about the performances they thought could have done better. Eddie Hoyt's jazz performance was not one of their favorites. Hoyt was out of his comfort zone, and even though he tried his best, he failed to impress everyone. 


Stephanie and Eddie were eliminated on Monday night. (Adam Rose)

The judges also weren't in favor of Gino Cosculluela and Stephanie Sosa's hip-hop performance, as it got mixed reviews from them. So who did the judges save and who got eliminated? After the Top 10 performed once more, Hoyt, Stephanie, Ezra, and Anna were in the bottom four receiving the lowest votes from America. 

Taking both last week and this week's performance into consideration, the judges decided to save Ezra among the boys which meant that Hoyt was eliminated. Among the girls, the judges saved Anna, which meant that Stephanie was eliminated. With a split decision, there was one judge against Stephanie being eliminated, but sadly it was the end of the journey for her. After the news of Stephanie being eliminated was revealed, it didn't sit well with fans, who were outraged with the judges' decision. Fans being outraged and giving the series flak is much deserved and understood as Stephanie did perform better than Anna in both the live performances. 



Taking to Twitter, a fan said, "Pretty disappointed in the judges tonight for eliminating Stephanie! I’m sorry but Ana has not been consistent and she def wasn’t good tonight...I don’t understand it...what am I missing here?? #SYTYCD." 

Adding to that another fan wrote, "WHY DO THEY KEEP SAVING ANNA?! She should’ve BEEN gone and is def not better than Stephanie smh #SYTYCD." 

"Smh Stephanie should of been saved over anna. I think the judges made a bad decision on that one Stephanie has been really good since the academy and the last the 2 live shows #SYTYCD." 

Next week SYTYCD will be back with a new round of live performances. Check your local listings for more information. 


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