'Snowpiercer' Season 1: Meet the brilliant cast of TNT's brand-new dystopian sci-fi thriller

'Snowpiercer' Season 1: Meet the brilliant cast of TNT's brand-new dystopian sci-fi thriller
Daveed Diggs (TNT)

TNT is all set to launch a brand-new show based on Bong Joon-Ho's groundbreaking movie 'Snowpiercer' and its source material 'Le Transperceneige'. Starring Academy Award-winner Jennifer Connelly and Tony Award-winner Daveed Diggs, 'Snowpiercer' is an exploration of class warfare in a world where the last of humanity lives aboard an eternal train to stay safe from the freezing cold weather of the world outside.

The show features an ensemble cast and some very interesting characters, as well as a gripping plot that will explore each and every car of the train, uncovering new mysteries and secrets in all of them. With the show's first episode set to premiere on May 17, let's take a look at some of the cast members you definitely need to watch out for.

Alison Wright as Ruth Wardell

Alison Wright (TNT)

Alison Wright is a Primetime Emmy nominee best known for her work on 'The Americans' as Martha Hanson. On 'Snowpiercer', the English actress plays Ruth Wardell, second-in-command to Jennifer Connelly's Melanie Cavill and a brutal enforcer of the train's order.

Wright plays the character like a strict old headmistress but with just a glimmer of softness somewhere hidden behind the rough, callous exterior. Ruth is a person capable of extreme loyalty but you do not want to get on her bad side.

Mickey Sumner as Bess Till

Mickey Sumner (TNT)

Mickey Sumner is an English actress best known for her work in 'Frances Ha', 'American Made', and 'Marriage Story'. She is the eldest daughter of popular musician Sting and actress Trudie Styler.

In the show, Sumner plays Bess Till, one of the Brakemen who maintain the law on the train. She has a good heart and a desire to do what's right but what that is becomes blurred once she is brought into contact with the revolutionary Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs).

Katie McGuinness as Josie Wellstead

Katie McGuinness in Snowpiercer (IMDb)

Katie McGuinness is an actress best known for her work on 'Roots' (2016) and 'The Borgias'. She appears in the role of Josie Wellstead on 'Snowpiercer', a kind-hearted yet determined woman from the tail end of the train who has suffered a lot of hardships and yet manages to try and help people any way she can.

Josie has strong relationships with Andre, the young Miles (Jaylin Fletcher), and other members of the Tail and she is one of the people that the Tailies always look up to for guidance. There are many more interesting characters and accomplished cast members waiting to meet you aboard Snowpiercer, one thousand and one cars long, as it takes you on a journey round and round the world. This is going to be a ride to remember.

'Snowpiercer' premieres Sunday, May 17, at 9 pm ET on TNT.

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