‘Snowkissed’ Review: Kate and Noah’s sweet romance offers a beautiful message about life in Hallmark movie 

‘Snowkissed’ Review: Kate and Noah’s sweet romance offers a beautiful message about life in Hallmark movie 
Kate Daniels as Jen Lilley and Chris McNally as Noah in 'Snowkissed' (Hallmark)

Spoilers for 'Snowkissed'

They say love is found in the oddest of places and more often than not, opposites attract. This is precisely what happens in Hallmark’s film ‘Snowkissed’ — a diligent writer crosse paths with a rather carefree B&B owner cum tour guide. But, love doesn’t come easy for the duo as they are on the quest for something bigger. 

Kate Daniels (Jen Lilley), an aspiring writer receives an opportunity to interview her favorite author O N Mueller, whose book, ‘The Answer’, is what she uses as a guide to life and all the other factors that come with it. She is determined to make the most of this opportunity as it also promises a promotion. When Kate is first introduced, she comes across as an overthinker who craves perfection. 

She heads to Banff, Canada, along with her colleague and friend Jane, a photographer. The ladies book a B&B to stay, which is co-owned by Noah (Chris McNally).

Kate Daniels as Jen Lilley and Chris McNally as Noah (Hallmark)


Noah and Kate have their first conversation at the airport as strangers and one can sense tension brewing between the two from the very beginning. 

While Kate sort of looks down upon him for not knowing about her favorite novel, Simon finds Kate a little uppity to make an impression on. Kate, who is solely focused on her project tries to avoid Noah and his rather silly jokes at every given opportunity. But he becomes her only saving grace when the author cancels the interview and Noah makes it happen as Mueller is his friend. 

This alters Kate’s opinion about Noah and she agrees to help him with his execution as a tour guide and work on a script that he was struggling with. As time progresses, the two known strangers are brought closer to each other as they try to discover the true meaning of life and happiness. While Kate’s mantra works miracles on Noah, the latter helps the writer look at the brighter side to trivial things in life. 

What strikes the most about ‘Snowkissed’ is how it offers light-hearted entertainment while discussing broader factors in the process. It tells you to slow down a bit and cherish life for what it is, before running after bigger goals. 

While the plotline ensures you don’t relapse into boredom unlike other romantic dramas, humor in form of Noah’s not-so-funny jokes still makes you laugh. As far the chemistry between the protagonists is considered, it is the opposite factor that’s worked best for Jen Lilley and Chris McNally’s characters.


Overall, ‘Snowkissed’ is a delightful watch and if you’re looking for a dash of entertainment on a winter weekend, you must consider giving this Hallmark movie a shot. 

‘Snowkissed’ will premiere on January 30 at 9 pm ET on Hallmark. 

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