'Snowfall' Season 4 Episode 1 Spoilers: Does Franklin want change for better or worse? Tries to stop turf wars

'Snowfall' Season 4 Episode 1 Spoilers: Does Franklin want change for better or worse? Tries to stop turf wars
A still of Damson Idris as Franklin Saint in 'Snowfall' season 4. (FX)

'Snowfall' is back with Season 4 and the very first episode sets the mood for what is to come -- violence, gang wars, and a lot of blood. Franklin Saint had been shot and yes, Melody Wright had gone missing right after. While Saint survived and now seems to understand the effect that his business has on the neighborhood, he is in too deep to stop the junk that he is selling in his hood that had destroyed his community leaving it rotten at the core.

The first thing he attempts to do after staying away from the business while he healed from the gunshot wound was to attempt and broker peace between two gangs to stop further bloodshed. Of course, he failed. Greed, revenge, and hunger for power will not let Saint change the way things work around his neighborhood and this time, his man Teddy who works for the CIA also is unable to help him. So pushed to a corner, what will Franklin do?


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Franklin has also lost the bond that he had had with his best friend Leon and as tensions rise between Manboy and Scully's gangs, things are pretty tense on this side of the border. On the Mexican side of the border, Teddy and Gustavo are dealing with Tijuana's new police chief who is not happy with the terms that Teddy had arranged with the former Police Chief. Turns out Teddy is not the only one moving products across the border.

A still of Carter Hudson as Teddy in 'Snowfall' Season 4. (FX)

First Teddy deals with fixing the price for the new chief, then he finds out that the guns that were supposed to land in Panama did not and ends up tracking Javi down. Once he does, he ends up finding out how Javi was out hunting Nazis for real. Of course, Nazi-hunting is none of Teddy's business and all he wants is the guns shipment tracked. 

It is one huge mess at this point, and Franklin doesn't seem to know how to sort this one out. He tries to take sides, he ends up cutting ties with his best friend Leon at one point and all that seems to be driving Franklin at this point is his business. If not, would he have been okay to deal with the man who killed Kevin? The deeper Franklin gets, the more lost he is and his best-laid plans are set to fail in the absence of his conviction.

A still of Franklin Saint, Aunt Louie and Jerome in 'Snowfall' season 4. (FX)

Will Melody be the one to bring light to everything that happened and is continuing to happen in Crenshaw? The reporter who had been investigating Melody's father's death has found Melody, who in turn seems to have found God. She quotes the Bible and her belief seems to be more of a coping mechanism than anything else at this point. What we cannot wait to find out is if she will tell this reporter the truth about what really happened to her father and who shot Franklin Saint.

'Snowfall' Season 4 episodes will air every Wednesday at 10 pm EST on FX and can be streamed on Hulu a day after. 

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