'Snowfall 3' episode 3 'Cash and Carry' sees Franklin Saint get used to the private jet-flying life with little regard for the neighborhood

'Snowfall 3' episode 3 'Cash and Carry' sees Franklin Saint get used to the private jet-flying life with little regard for the neighborhood

In season 3 episode 3 of 'Snowfall' titled 'Cash and Carry' we see Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) trust Avi Drexler's (Alon Aboutboul) word and land in Mexico where he is hoping to become a customer of a bank that would serve as his offshore account by helping him with off-book dealings. He wanted advice on what to do with all the money he had earned over time cooking crack, and with Avi taking him to the heartland of offshore accounts and money laundering, Franklin has a lot to learn, but yet again, this man proves not many can pull one over him.

Avi, in the guise of helping Franklin, plans to "borrow" his money to solve certain financial troubles of his own. Franklin's gut feeling, however, doesn't let him sit by quietly as Avi continues to manipulate him and he instead takes things into his own hands.

He faces Avi and dresses him down for trying to steal his money in the name of borrowing. He also mentions how if Avi were one of his men, Franklin would have killed him for what he tried to pull. Franklin then leaves Avi behind and boards a private jet back to LA. He is now getting used to the luxury of traveling in private jets, writing checks and everything that comes with being a rich businessman.

Clearly, there is no guilt about where his money is coming from and that is what makes Franklin fascinating. He very rarely shows feelings for the neighborhood his product is ruining, but there is a buried conscience that surfaces every now and then, similar to how it surfaced at the beginning of the third season. 

On the other hand, Reed Thompson aka CIA agent Teddy (Carter Hudson) is on a mission to get access to an airstrip near Nicaragua and he has to accomplish this with someone that he used to know before. This leaves Soledad in control of the consignment of crack bars that will be arriving in California soon from the Columbians.

This transportation of drugs across the state border is in itself a parallel narrative that portrays, not exactly the struggle of a mule, but the frustration that accompanies a job like this. For instance, the break down of a truck anywhere on the way could lead to cops finding out and putting the people involved behind bars. So, the restlessness actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Gustavo "El Oso" Zapata carries around with him is understandable.

Soledad (Adriana DeGirolami), who is left responsible for the transaction, however, might not survive this meet and this whole fiasco may lead to Franklin's downfall in the big leagues. Just when Franklin is getting used to the comforts of being a rich businessman, he might have to come to terms with the consequences of running a drug operation. 

Aunt Louie, Peaches and Leon in 'Snowfall' season 3 episode 4. (Source: YouTube)

We have Wanda (Gail Bean), who instead of hiding in the back as Bootsy (Calvin Clausell Jr.) suggested comes forth and tries to get a rise out of Leon. This ends up messing Franklin and Bootsy's business relationship which Aunt Louie (Aunt Louie) must clean up by taking Wanda out of the picture.

Now, team Franklin is also aware that Bootsy learned the cooking method from Wanda and once Franklin touches down in Los Angeles, there will be a business meeting to discuss the repercussions of this. The most important question, however, is if Franklin will continue to receive high-quality cocaine bricks in the coming days, with Teddy on a mission of his own and Soledad left to deal with Gustavo who has already pulled the trigger once after meeting Soledad.

Did he kill her or was that just a warning shot at closing scene? This is something we will explore in the upcoming episode 4 of 'Snowfall' season 3 that will air on FX Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

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