Snail Mail unveils much anticipated debut album 'Lush': Stream

The highly critically acclaimed debut effort of 18-year-old Lindsey Jordan is finally out and already racking up rave reviews

                            Snail Mail unveils much anticipated debut album 'Lush': Stream
Lindsey Jordan of the band Snail Mail (Source: Getty Images)

The latest breakthrough in the indie-pop scene comes in the form of Snail Mail, the stage name of 18-year-old Lindsey Jordan. Today (Friday June 8) marks the release of Snail Mail's highly-anticipated debut album 'Lush'. Spotify and Apple Music users can stream the album in full below.

After her 2016 debut EP, 'Habit' created a massive wave of hype in the indie world, she was signed to Matador Records for her first album. Produced with Jake Aron (Grizzly Bear, Solange), Lush features 10 tracks of intimate and highly mature indie-pop that captures the essence of the present and future of the indie sound, with vulnerable and colorful tunes that echo all its teenage melodrama with a heightened self-awareness.

In an interview with Consequence of Sound (who featured her as Artist of the Month), Jordan says the songs reveal her growth from her EP 'Habit' while featuring “really self-aware music and lyricism. I like to think it is. Maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be like, ‘Wow, I was so not self-aware.'”

Jordan also gave a break-down of lead single 'Pristine': "'Pristine' in particular is very sarcastic and melodramatic in nature. It’s almost like punching Habit in the face and going, ‘You idiot.’ Habit feels bad for itself, and Lush is aware of that. ‘Pristine’ was the first one I wrote for it; it almost could have been on Habit. I jumped immediately from Habit to being too old for Habit.”

The young singer/songwriters debut has already racked up some rave reviews. Pitchfork added it to its prestigious Best New Album category, with a rating of 8.7, calling the album "emotionally wise, musically clear, and encompassing the once and future sound of indie rock." Stereogum has gone on record to call 'Lush' "one of the best albums of 2018 so far" and Rolling Stone rated the album 3.5/5, calling it the "work of an indie-rock prodigy."