Will Aespa give competition to Blackpink? Here's all we know about SM Entertainment's new K-pop girl group

The agency posted an official logo of the brand-new girl group along with an intro promo

                            Will Aespa give competition to Blackpink? Here's all we know about SM Entertainment's new K-pop girl group
Blackpink (Getty Images)

Looks like South Korean all-girl K-pop group Blackpink is about to face some fierce competition from a new girl group. One of South Korea’s largest entertainment company, SM Entertainment is all set to launch a new girl group in November 2020. In an official announcement from their Twitter account, the agency posted an official logo of the brand new girl group and captioned it as, “SM Entertainment's new girl group #aespa to debut this November Name combining ‘æ’ derived from ‘Avatar X Experience’ & ‘aspect’ Various innovative activities to come with the theme of 'Experiencing a new world via the encounter of the ‘avatar’, your other self’”

As we can read it in the tweet, SM Entertainment has explained that name “aespa” came from the words “avatar,” “experience,” and “aspect,” with the meaning of “being able to experience a new world through another avatar of yourself.”


Also, a new official Twitter page of Aespa has been formed with only two tweets on the wall, as of now. One includes the official logo while the second tweet is an intro promo of the new band’s logo. However, we are yet to figure out who all are going to part of this new group. MEAWW will keep you posted on the same.



According to the website Soompi, Aespa will mark SM Entertainment’s first new girl group since Red Velvet‘s debut in 2014 and the agency’s first new group overall since NCT‘s debut in 2016. The moment SM Entertainment made the announcement of the new girl group, K-pop fans stormed Twitter to talk about the same.

One user said, “Chill. Sm usually announced things monday. We have been waiting for this moment for 6 years.” Another stated, “after they debut dont fgt about nct and red velvet” One social media user posted, “Just a reminder to NCTZENS. No need to spew hate here or negativity. These girls deserve to debut. New members were always added in NCT but you can’t accept that smngg/aespa is debuting? Pls be respectful.” Another user added some fun to the tweets and said, “FINALLY RED VELVET HAVE DAUGHTERS @RVsmtown” One individual again tweeted about NCT with a snippet and said, “but when it comes to nct y’all are silent.”






A fan also spotted a spoiler from the ending shot of SuperM’s recent music video titled ‘One (Monster & Infinity)’. He took the screenshots from the video and said, “The ae is Aespa was seen in SuperM’s video and Taemin said this is a BIG NEXT CLUE. So this is connected to SuperM, not to SMNGG. If this is SuperM then it must be posted in their account. If not.... A GIRL VERSION OF SUPERM?!?!?!?!?!


You can check the same music video right here:


It is also being speculated that Aespa might be a girl supergroup or it could also be an entirely new group with new artists. Whatever might be the case, MEAWW will keep you updated with all the latest news concerned with the same. Apart from SM Entertainment, BigHit Entertainment, who manages BTS, is also launching their new boy group Enhypen in November.

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