'Covid-free' beauty salon says virus doesn't exist and bans masks, Angry Internet wants them prosecuted and fined

Police said officers would visit the salon to 'remind' the owner and staff of their duties regarding Covid-19

                            'Covid-free' beauty salon says virus doesn't exist and bans masks, Angry Internet wants them prosecuted and fined
Skin Kerr salon (Google Maps)

A beauty salon in Bootle, Merseyside in North West England, put up a poster on its window on September 8 that reads: "Covid Free Salon; no masks, we take cash; Covid talk is banned; you can't catch what doesn't exist." The five bullet points ended with "#voodoovirusisbullsh**" and "#wedonotconsent" and it also added "please respect the rules of the salon". The poster clearly dismissed the fact that Covid-19 even existed and refused to follow the protocols of wearing masks and maintaining social distance. 

The salon, Skin Kerr, even shared the notice on its Facebook page which they deleted later. BBC reported that Merseyside Police said officers would visit the salon on Aintree Road to "remind" the owner and staff of their duties around Covid-19. Further, the site reported that Cabinet member Councillor Paulette Lappin said the salon's viewpoint was "disappointing". "If the situation cannot be resolved satisfactorily during this meeting, and we are not satisfied that measures to keep customers and staff safe are in place, we will consider taking formal enforcement action," she reportedly said.

Since the news broke, the salon is being slammed for putting up a Coronavirus-denying poster that told customers not to wear face masks. This comes as the virus cases continue to surge in the UK reaching at least 354k plus as per John Hopkins data on September 9. Further, The Sun reported that Merseyside region has seen 550 new cases in seven days up to September 5, instilling fear. Since the poster violated the government guidelines mandating hairdressers and beauticians to wear plastic visors, masks and other protective gear while attending customers, people on the Internet wasted no time in calling out the salon. 
Blasting the salon's callous take on the virus, a user wrote on Twitter, "'Skin Kerr', Bootle. One business you might want to avoid. Unless of course you've been to Youtubeversity and think COVID was created by deep state lizard people. In which case pile in and lock the door behind you.”


Some users want strict action to be taken by the police. "@MerseyPolice Can we do something about this irresponsible business owner - @skinkerr clinic, please? Merseyside already hovering just below levels to have restrictions reimposed. Don’t need covidiots making it worse.”


Another jokingly wrote, "COVIDIOTS managed to sneak into the gene pool, what a #STIN_KERR.” 


Others demanded fine to be imposed on the salon authorities. "@seftoncouncil this salon Skin Kerr that had that sign in the window saying they wear no masks and you can catch what isn't real should be prosecuted and fined in my eyes. If they've not been wearing masks everyone who's been in there has been put in danger.”


However, some called the salon’s stand “brave” in times when businesses are suffering due to the pandemic. "Well Done SkinKerr Merseyside! We need more brave individuals & business owners like you to stand up to tyranny."


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