'Sister Wives': Fans wonder if the Brown family's financial woes are true after Meri rents an extravagant house

The Brown family had earlier complained about going through financial problems but fans are left wondering if that is really true with Meri's move

                            'Sister Wives': Fans wonder if the Brown family's financial woes are true after Meri rents an extravagant house
Meri Brown (TLC)

In the season premiere of the show, the Brown family hinted that they were not doing well financially. Kody Brown had revealed that they were paying five mortgages and that had been the root cause of why they were struggling with money.

However, in the latest episode, things seem different from what we last saw with the Brown family. 

In today's episode of 'Sister Wives', Meri shared that she had finally found a house to move in to and was ready to make her shift from Las Vegas.

Meri revealed that this house was "175$ more than the other one that I was rooted out of but this is like three times the house." Meri was excited to show everyone the house but most of all, she was happy to show them the surprise that the house brought with itself. 

"I have an elevator in my house," she revealed. "It is so cool." Once the family entered the house they were left speechless with how big the house was. Everyone was shocked to find out that there was an elevator in the house. To add to this, the house also had a waterfall inside which made it more extravagant. 

The sister wives confessed that they had never seen a house so big and were spellbound with the amount of space that the house had.

While there is no doubt that the house looked gorgeous, fans were left confused and questioned the Brown family about their financial problems after seeing the new house that Meri had rented. 

"Not against a nice home but why so big when they are all complaining how much money they owe and don’t have," one fan questioned. Another asked, "I have to ask.... the last episode they were talking about being short on money. Why does Meri need that big house, although it does look amazing?"

Other fans wondered why she needed such a big house if she was staying alone.

"She has got to be the most childish and self-centered person ever. She gets mad because she has this whole scenario of the reveal in her head and it doesn’t go exactly to plan? Filled with glee over rubbing their faces in her luxury home. I can't," read one comment.

Another echoed similar thoughts, "I do not understand why anything THIS big is needed. If I was on my own I think I'd still want like a 3bedroom or something for the space bc I love things and we've always lived in smaller homes and I'm over it lol but this house just seems huge esp if they say they're struggling?"

'Sister Wives' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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