'Sister Wives': Meri feels she's being attacked by everyone in the house, fans say she deserves better

'Sister Wives': Meri feels she's being attacked by everyone in the house, fans say she deserves better
Meri Brown (TLC)

The Brown family is having a hard time finding a place for them to stay together and when they thought that they were one step closer to getting what they wanted, things took a different turn. Tension started arising in the family when Robyn and Meri Brown had disagreements about where their house should be. 

Both expressed their concern about the plot that they were provided and stated that they were not given an option. However, Kody Brown disagreed. He thought that he had considered everyone's choices and made a plan that would be to each of his wife's liking.

However, seeing how things were taking a different turn, Kody decided it would be best to sit down together and discuss the matter at hand. He asked Meri to explain her side of the story and why she had a problem with the plot when she seemed alright with it when initially it was she who suggested it. 

Meri tried explaining what she really meant and how it was very different than what Kody had assumed. She further explained that she felt like everyone was attacking her because she did not say yes to the plan that was initially drafted. Kody tried to assure her that everyone was willing to accommodate given that all the sister wives are happy with where they live. 

While Meri thought otherwise, looking at Meri's response, fans thought that it was time for her to leave the show. "Meri needs to leave and get her own dating show. Call it "Leaving Sister Wives." It's obvious she doesn't want to be there," read one comment. 

Another added, "Wives Meri leave where u r. U r a great person and do not belong in that group! Leave make a new life for yourself." Some thought that Meri deserved better as another wrote, "With All the shows on with sister wives Kody is the worst husband of all. Who wants to be married to a man who would not fight for all his wives. Meri can do better. Your not married leave him."

It seems like fans are convinced that Meri deserves better and looking at how things are shaping between the family, it might not be the worst idea. 

'Sister Wives' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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