'Sister Wives' disagree on living together, fans wonder how they can share a husband but not a house

'Sister Wives' disagree on living together, fans wonder how they can share a husband but not a house
Jeanelle, Christine, Robyn (TLC)

Kody Brown has been trying his best to convince his wives about moving into one house but it looks like all of them are not on board with the idea. Jeanelle Brown seemed happy about the idea and thought that it would be good for all the children to live under one roof. However, the same feelings were not expressed by Meri, Robyn and Christine Brown. 

They thought that having everyone under one roof will create differences that are not needed. They also hinted at the time when all of them stayed together in Utah and explained that things were not great between them. 

The wives explained that most of the time it is conspicuous that what Kody says comes from another sister wife as the tone of his conversation explains that it is not something he came up with by himself. This made them think about how worse things would be if they were living in the same house. 

While the sister wives had trouble accepting the idea about one house for all the four families, Kody seemed to be convinced that this is exactly what the family needed. However, he had to make sure that he convinces all of them if he wanted to make the house into a reality. While it might be a long road, fans were left confused as to why the sister wives had a problem with one house. 


Some of them questioned how they were alright with sharing a husband but not living under one roof. One fan wrote, "How can you be married in a plural marriage and not know your husband is dating your sister wives. In a culdesac, you don't look out the window and see what's going on? I don't see the difference of a one-house or being neighbors. Hope you all figure it out god bless."

Another added, "They need to live in one home - living separate defeats the supposed benefits/purpose of polygamy."

Another user echoed similar thoughts and wrote, "I don’t understand these women. They all agreed to be in a plural relationship/family. If I’m going to share my husband, I’m going fully in & we’re going to live under one roof otherwise what’s the point???"

Looks like people are having a hard time understanding how the family dynamics work. 

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